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  1. Hello all! I just wanted to post to say that I have just been offered a job in the biggest teaching NICU in my area! I am so excited to finally start working after a month after i have graduated! It seems like it has been so long since I have done patient care. I am so glad to get an opportinity like this. Just letting you all know that I am going to be joining your ranks.
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    best of luck in your new job!!!!
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    CONGRATULATIONS!! And Best Wishes! You'll be learning even MORE than you ever thought possible in the next few months! Don't forget to hold the babies!
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    thanks everyone!
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    Oh WOW!!! Congratulations!!!! Hopefully I can say the same by this summer!!!!
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    Originally posted by peaceful2100
    Oh WOW!!! Congratulations!!!! Hopefully I can say the same by this summer!!!!
    Good luck to you with your last semester of nursing school! Start applying now, because positions are very limited. Like I said before, I'm in the biggest NICU for our region, and they are only hiring 4 new grads from both the december and May classes!! So I got one of the 4 coveted spots!

    Just make sure you convey your enthusiasm for NICU when you do interview. I know personally, I thought that this particular interview was the worst I had ever given, but I had only been out of the interview for about 5 minutes when the HR dept. called my message machine asking me to call back. I live almost 1.5 hours from the facility! I guess I really expressed my desire to be in the NICU to them.

    I wish you the best of luck and i look forward to seeing you posting your success with a position in the NICU in the next few months!
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    Well, actually I graduated from school back in May 2003. I got my RN license back in October 2003. I TRIED and TRIED so hard for a NICU position around graduation time but like you said they can only hire so many new grads in the NICU and I was not one of the lucky one's. My heart desire is still to get in the NICU and I am willing to do what ever it takes in the honest/legal way to get a job in the NICU. I currently work on a Med-Surg floor and while I can honestly say I have LEARNED a LOT. I do NOT want to be there forever. I joined the national neonatal nurses association a couple weeks ago to prove that I am willing to do what ever it takes. I am trying to find a NRP class but the next one coming up is on a night I have to work and I can't find any more classes for a VERY long while after that.

    I have a feeling there are other reasons for me not getting into the NICU that I really don't want to bring up because they are really controversial and besides I don't like to assume things without having hard core proof.

    So I am trying again. I am very peristent and I want to convey that but without sounding like a pest about it.
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    nekhismom - CONGRATS on getting the job!!!

    peaceful2100 - While getting your NRP would be great, the problem is that it might be a little tough if you don't have NICU experience already. At my hospital, NICU nurses don't even take the program until they're done with orientation. What might be a better idea for you and what would look great on your resume is the STABLE program. It is generally directed at RNs who work in normal newborn nurseries. Basically, it teaches nurses how to stabilize and care for high-risk babies from the time they're recuscitated at birth until the NICU transport team arrives. It's an excellent program for a nurse interested in transferring to NICU. I'm not sure if it's offered in your area, but here is the web address:

    GOOD LUCK!!! NICU is the BEST!
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    Thanks for the idea Gompers!!!!