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  1. Hello i am a new R.N. in NICU, I transfered from our Special Care Unit and am having a hard time with the med calculations of figuring some of our medications in NICU ex, heparin flushes for UAC/UVC lines is the any suggestions on how this math can be made easier for me????????? Thanks for the suggestions.
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  3. by   Heather333
    How do you mix your flushes?

  4. by   premern
    Hi thanks for writing back. Our regular Heparin flushes are pre mixed by our pharmacy.
  5. by   Heather333
    What kind of trouble are you having?

  6. by   dawngloves
    Are you wondering how much flush to use for those particular lines?
  7. by   premern
    Hello I think it is more the figuring how to set up the calculation to figure it. It is my dose divided by what I have on hand correct? Sometimes this just stumps me. I just feel like I am so stupid down there but so comfortable in the level 2 nursery? Thanks for the replies. Racquel
  8. by   NICU_Nurse
    This is how I learned it:

    Dose ordered (5mg)
    --------------------------------- x volume on hand (1ml)
    Dose on hand (25mg vial)

    In this example, your answer would be 0.20 ml and this is how much you would draw up. Is that what you meant?

    And stop feeling stupid!!! That's what cheat sheets and calculators are for. You'll learn it, but it takes time and repetition. ;>)
  9. by   premern
    Thank you I will write this calculation down!!!!
  10. by   webbiedebbie
    I'm finding these are helpful...

    There's a few more sites out there to help.
  11. by   EXOTIC NURSE
    If I am not mistaken......our institution use saline to flush the UAC and UVC lines because normally we have .9NS or whatever fluid the doctor has ordered running with 1:1
    heparin continuously running at 1cc/hr. If we draw blood from either line we basically flush it with saline until the line is cleared and that is it.
  12. by   nurseiam
    I tend to flush with whatever is running through the UAC. If it is 1/2 NS or 1/3 NS I make my flushes the same. It also depends on the babies NA+.
  13. by   Heather333
    We flush our UAC/UVC's with 1/4NS w/ 1 unit heparin/cc.

  14. by   premern
    Hello Heather when you were talking about the 1/4 ns flushes W 1unit heparin/cc that is what I was having a hard time figuring how much heparin to add and how exactly to figure it example in a 40 cc flush of 1/4 NS and heparin?
    Then what about flushes 1/4 NS but in 20cc? Thanks one of these days I will get it!!!