How time flies! I have a job!!

  1. I first posted here in Dec of 04 ( ) starting my graduate entry program. Well, I am about two months away from finishing my prelicensure-RN portion!!!! I will hopefully be sitting for boards in the end of March, beginning of April. :hatparty:

    I have a job ready for me at the unit where I currently work as a PCA, and I'm excited to be joining them as an RN (and so are they, all the nurses are great and asking if I know who will be orienting me yet and stuff, I love my unit!!!)

    I work in a large Children's hospital in Ohio and the only hospital in the city that can provide everything from ECMO to surgery to iNO to HFOV to anything you can imagine I just can't wait and had to tell people here because it seems like so long ago when I first posted at allnurses, but really, it's been such a short time!

    Thanks for all the support and the great discussions. Of course, I'm still planning on being around, but I wanted to say a special thanks and...well, I'm rambling. Thank you and I'll go to bed now!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Congratulations! It is so pleasant to read about somebody who is actually in a happy place! Once you pass the boards any plans to change your Peanut moniker to something akin to grown-up Peanut?
  4. by   LilPeanut
    Nope. The name is not about me, but about my preferred pt. population. We called my son when he was in the NICU a little peanut, though now I tend to cycle through many different types of food products it seems when talking to my babies at work *chuckle*
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    Congrats on the job!!
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    Congrats! Please keep us updated on your experiences. I really enjoy hearing from new employees in NICU (be they techs or RN's). It helps me be a better preceptor and I also learn technical things as different units use different technologies.