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We are over capacity in our unit...we have been needing 21-25 nurses per shift and that is not easy to cover!!!! We closed to all transports including maternal! We may be sending some of the older... Read More

  1. by   preemieRNkate
    We've been pretty steadily busy for the last YEAR! With the exception of about a week back in the fall when our census dropped to 22 or 23, we have been at about 35 or more babies. We're a 40 bed level III. Over the summer was the worst, when we had 40+ for WEEKS. Like, over 50. Oh yeah, and a whole bunch of new nurses to precept. Fun. Luckily, we're much better staffed now and our census is reasonable now. We usually have 16-18 nurses per shift.

    We do have a bunch of itty-bitties though. A set of 24 week twins (both HFOV, one with multiple CT, etc.), a few 25 weekers. Also, we have 2 kids on insulin drips, which I have only seen once before in 3.5 years in NICU.
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  2. by   kitty29
    We have been running full or nearly full needing to back transport or move kids to the PICU or Peds Floor for over 5 years...our staff has grown to 90 nurses.
  3. by   HighCensus
    Lately we've all been having dreams of putting our kids in bunkbed bassinettes. All jokes aside our census was 80 on Sunday. We are currently working with 37-40 nurses per shift. Amid all this fun and excitement we have went to ECMO in the unit, electronic MAR's, opened a new area of the unit, and are getting ready to open another area. Before the new areas opened we were considered a 53 bed unit. HaHa! Now we are a 65 bed unit...with 80 patients. We are set for a major expansion in 2010...we can't wait!