1. One recommendation to me this year during my evaluation was to become certified in either CCRN or RNC. In your opinion, is one better than the other, and if so, why? Thanks for your input.

    NICU Mama
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  3. by   dawngloves
    Isn't CCRN adults?
  4. by   NICU Mama
    CCRN has certification for adult, pediatric, and neonatal critical care nurses. You can go to the web site: for more info. I know the cost of the exams are similar and to maintain certifications with CEU's, more are required for CCRN. I just don't know which one I should take.

    NICU Mama
  5. by   BittyBabyGrower
    RNC is better recognized for neonatal population. You have to earn 45 per year for the RNC. About 1/2 of our unit is RNC.
  6. by   dawngloves
    Our staff takes the RNC exam. I've never seen a CCRN except in adults. That why I didn't know they had neonatal certification.
    Gotta get myself certified one of these days.... :uhoh21:
  7. by   NICU Mama
    Thank's for the input. I think I'll take the RNC exam. Our facility just recently became approved to be a test taking site, so that makes it more convenient also. Now I have to get studying!!!
  8. by   stillpressingon
    CCRN I know, but what's RNC stand for?
  9. by   NICU Mama
    Registered Nurse Certified. The certification is through NCC (the national certification Corporation) after a registered nurse takes and passes the exam. NCC currently offers exams in:

    Inpatient Obstretric Nursing
    Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing
    Low Risk Neonatal Nursing
    Maternal Newborn Nursing
    Telephone Nursing Practice

    In order to take an exam, you have to have a current RN licensure in the US or Canada and have documentation of 24 months of experience comprised of at least 2000 hourse of practice time in one of the above specialties.

    NCC is nationally recognized for certification.
  10. by   dawngloves
    Just reminded me I should be studying right now. :uhoh21:
  11. by   ScammRNC
    I believe the RNC is more widely seen in the neonatal population though we do have 2 nurses that got their CCRN, mainly because they did not meet all the requirements for experience in order to apply for the RNC.:spin: