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Just wondering what your thoughts are on this.. I know that especially in our culture today breastfeeding is the absolute it thing to do, but sometimes it is not best for the baby, or not done... Read More

  1. by   fergus51
    I think most nurses would prefer to just feed breastmilk to infants. The problem I have with the parents and nurses who are adamant about no formula is that they can't see the forest for the trees. When faced with a choice of feeding a bottle of formula or admitting a baby to the NICU for an exchange transfusion because they are so dehydrated, common sense would go for the formula.
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    I just want to thank everyone. As we know, this can be a very hotly debated topic, and the posters are being great about sticking to the topic, not flaming, etc. I'm very grateful for that.

    Thanks, guys. :bowingpur :1luvu: :heartbeat :flowersfo
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    Quote from LilPeanut This is a great page explaning nipple confusion, in a much more clear way than I was

    And sadly there are women who definitely should not be BFing, if they are taking any sort of illegal drugs, they cannot be exposing their baby to that Sad that it even is an issue
    And sadly, this is being given as a reason why a woman should not BF. Isn't this a reason why they should not be caring for an infant reguardless of the feeding method? Scary to imagine a drug addict taking a helpless infant home.

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    It's not just illegal drugs though. A lot of women are on legitimate medications that are contraindicated in breastfeeding.
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    Quote from fergus51
    It's not just illegal drugs though. A lot of women are on legitimate medications that are contraindicated in breastfeeding.
    Does your hospital use Hale for drug information?

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    Quote from deegale
    I have sucsessfully breast fed two children and am now breastfeeding my third. Breastmilk is what nature intended and is in every case the best food for your baby. Humans are the only species of animal that feeds it's young milk from another animal (a elephant does'nt feed its young girraff's milk). None of my babies have ever had nipple confussion. You can express milk and refridgerate or freeze it, but you cannot refreeze breastmilk or warm it in the microwave. None of my kids ever took a pacifier.
    In the case of NORMAL healthy moms, yes, breast is best. But if a mom is a drug-user or HIV positive, it becomes a question of what is truly "best" for baby. Also, very heavy smokers sometimes can't produce enough nutritious milk to feed adquately. Sometimes, supplementation is essential to infant wellbeing.

    So, no, in "every case" breastfeeding is NOT best. It depends on the situation.
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    Quote from L&Dsomeday
    Does your hospital use Hale for drug information?

    We use a hotline I think it was motherisk. Most medications are not contraindicated in breastfeeding, but some are and if you are in a high risk ob center like I am, that be a somewhat common occurence....
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Yes, additionally although rare, there are situations where a mom's physical illness/condition are contraindications for breastfeeding.
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    Seriously Deb, there are some days when I wonder if I'm the only woman alive who isn't on lithium!
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    Quote from fergus51
    Seriously Deb, there are some days when I wonder if I'm the only woman alive who isn't on lithium!

    Last semster I told a Psychology course and while talking about anti-despressants it was mentioned that they can lower libido. Nearly the whole class nodded in agreement! I swear HALF of the class knew all about this from personal experience.

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    again, thank you all so much for these and future responses. even today i had a baby whose mother wanted to exclusively breastfeed, and it was good that I had reviewed some of these thoughts already...I was able to support her but also answer her questions more effectively. t.
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    Quote from stevielynn
    Gompers and Mimi - thanks for your informative and knowledgeable posts.

    Good reading in the middle of the night when I can't sleep.

    My 3 year old was jaundiced and had a few bottles as well as breastfed . . no nipple confusion there and he just recently stopped nursing at 3 1/2.

    Mimi - you are right, we are all different. One size fits all doesn't work.

    Please dont take this the wrong way.......But, why would you want to breast feed a child up to 3 1/2 yrs old? The idea of breast or formula feeding is to nourish the infant until they can nourish themselves with solid food and alternative fluids. Was it for comforting reasons? I just cant get that picture out of my head... I have a 3 year old, and he plays soccer, on a TEAM, I cant IMAGINE actually breastfeeding him still......Please dont take offense to my dismay, I just cant figure out why.......:uhoh21:
  13. by   LilPeanut
    Breastfeeding continues to provide immunological, emotional and physical benefits, well past a year. The average and normal age for human weaning is between 2 and 4 years. It also continues to provide benefits to mom, including lowering her risk of breast cancer. this has a lot of good information about extended breastfeeding and why it is beneficial to continue it beyond a year.

    Plus, keep in mind that nursing a child that age isn't at all like nursing a newborn, it's typically before/after naps/bed, depending on the child, and occasionally needed if the child is injured in some manner. But it's not their sole source of nutrition by far.

    If only by looking at our teeth, it's clear we are supposed to be nursing for much longer than we do; we keep our milk teeth for quite some time. The reason we have stopped nursing so long in this country is because of our unnatural hangups about sex and breasts.