A question for some research we are doing

  1. Please if you would answer the following; we are doing research here:

    What are the eye gtt medications & their strengths, dose frequency given to priemies for ROP eye exams by opthalmalogists in your unit?

    If you can- please include you hospitals name; if you have a contact person too please send to my private messages.

    Thanks...I'll check in week.
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  3. by   Mithrah
    I have seen Cyclomydril drops given 3 times with 5 min. inbetween. Then 1 drop q hour until Dr. arrives.

    Also seen Cyclomydril given 2 times with 10 min. inbetween.

    I think this is an eye doctor's preference. Not a nurse's or neo's.

    Tylenol is ordered for PRN pain. But I have seen amazing eye docs who don't cause any discomfort or bradys!
  4. by   nell
    Our current ophthalmologist’s orders:

    Proparacaine 0.5% once, followed by
    Cyclomydril (Cyclopento 0.2%/Phenyleph 1%) x2 10 minutes apart.

    These orders are not a NICU policy - they are the preference of the MD doing the exam.

  5. by   kitty29
    Thank you! If anyone else wishes to answer I'll check in another week!
  6. by   danissa
    we currently use Cyclopentolate 0.5%, 2 doses given half hour apart. Used to use phenylepherine as well, but the current opthalmologist prefers only Cyclo, then gives a drop of local into the eye just prior to the exam. Don't you just hate this procedure, poor babies, I know it's a worthwhile exam, but trying to comfort them through the torture is awful. Btw, I'm in Scotland.
  7. by   Gompers
    Cyclomydril - 2 doses, ten minutes apart. The opthamology nurse will call the unit to tell us what time to expect the doctor, and we start the drops one hour beforehand. The doc also gives Proparacaine in each eye just before the exam. We swaddle the babies with their arms down and give them surcrose on a pacifier during the exams. Usually they do fine with this combination of comfort measures.
  8. by   Zippedodah
    Cyclomydril (Cyclopento 0.2%/Phenyleph 1%) one gtt to each eye x 3 every 5 minutes.

    Glucose on the paci, or a little bit dribbled into their mouth if they are intubated. They really just hate to be held down and have their eye wedged open.
  9. by   KRVRN
    Cyclomydril, 1 gtt to each eye x2, 5 min apart.
  10. by   lovemyjob
    there are three meds we give x3 five minutes apart. Cyclogel, is one.....um..hmm havent had a kid who was having ROP exam recently. Next time I am at work I will look. I nknow one of them is a dialator, one is a numbing med, aand I dont really remember what the other does. HTH.
  11. by   kitty29
    Thanks again; I have sent the info on to our people looking into all of this.