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Hi everyone! I am a new member. I recently applied to NHCC evening/weekend nursing program for a Fall 2007 start. I already have my BA in another field, so I only have A/P and Micro to finish up as generals. I am starting A/P Jan 17 :monkeydance: . Does anyone here go to NHCC? What have your experiences been like with regard to their nursing program? Where are clinicals- do you have a choice? On the App it asked if you would like St Cloud or Metro clinicals. I chose metro- have you all found this to be a guarantee? I am very interested in going into Neonatal nursing- as you can see by my name I've had 3 preemies. Has anyone been able to have clinical experiences int his area?



No experiece here, yet. I will be applying to NH next January for Fall 2008 nursing program. I'm still in the process of finishing up a BA at another college. Sankeet is in the nursing program at NH and might be able to answer your questions.

Best of luck to you in getting into the nursing program! :) Let us all know this spring how it turns out for you.


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Yep, I go to NHCC. At least until May (graduation :mortarboard: ) Can't wait!!

I believe in being honest so I will tell you that the nursing program is pretty stressful (sometimes way more than it needs to be). You will learn a great deal but sometimes things get very frustrating (the not knowing what to expect or how to do things until right before you have to do them) etc. My best advice is to never let your guard down. I know some (myself included) thought that once we are in the program, we can relax and just pass. DON"T DO IT! There are only four tests for theory...if you screw up on one, it's really hard to make up for lost ground. So stay on top of everything!! I found in the E/W section, you are expected to do a lot of learning on your own. For most people who go into the E/W program, that isn't a problem as most are 'nontraditional' students who are very motivated anyway or else we wouldn't be giving up what little free time we have in our lives for school.

Some of the clinical instructors are wonderful and you will really learn a lot. In the past, the request for where to do clinicals was honored, but have heard through the grapevine that might change. If you do go to St. Cloud (that's where I go) the clinical instructor is tough but fair and very intelligent. A fact I didn't fully appreciate until second semester when I realized how much I did learn. We do get to do a NICU rotation this semester (second semester, second year) as well as PEDS, OB, advanced med/surg.

If you have any other questions, please ask. I found that the most stressful part of nursing school for me was the not knowing what to expect and am trying very hard to help anyone going into it from having to experience that.

Kudos for you wanting to work in the NICU after your experience. My nephews (twins) were born 10 wks early weighing 2 lbs so I know the appreciation for what the nurses can do in that environment!

Good luck to you! Who do you have for A&P if you don't mind my asking?

Hi everyone,

I to have submitting my application for Fall 07 with Metro area clinicals. Good luck to you, I shook like a leaf as I handed in my application. So much went into just getting there. It feels great to day I am waiting on my letter and done with prereqs, (A&P 2 in the Spring). I have Kumar for A&P2. Anyhow - Sanskeet thanks so much for your insight, the unknown is always the hardest. I just hope I can make it and still keep my job. Good luck to all of you - it;s nice to be able to talk to others who are in the same boat/school!



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Sb~ I know the feeling about handing in your application. I hand delivered mine because I was scared that it would either get lost in the mail or they would lose it (wouldn't be the first time) LOL

I don't know anything about Kumar. I had Ross for 1&2. Many people in my class kept their jobs but did end up cutting back on hours (most to 32). They usually took Monday's off to get paperwork from clinicals done and to study. It is doable. Have you had any problems w/ the biology courses? I only ask as I think that is a decent indicator of how nursing school may go for you. I think the biggest thing that will contribute to success is organization and being able to grasp 'understanding' of the material. It's not about memorizing the labs, pathology, etc. It's more about do I understand kidney failure and what happens to the rest of the body. You have to be able to learn step A and B in lecture, learn from C to G on your own, and come up with step H as the answer on the test (If that makes sense). If you can process information like that you will be fine. I have 4 kids, a hubby who works a lot of overtime and have managed to get all A's except for second semester first year (missed it by 3 questions). So the short version is it's more about how well you study and understand than about how many hours you study. Ok, that got kind of long :) Let me know how else I can be of help! and here's hoping the next two months of waiting for the letter go by quickly for you!!!


Thank you so much for your reply! It answered alot of unknowns for me. I have McManus for A&P. I hope that he/she is a fair/good instructor. I am nervous to go back. I have 3 kids at home- ages 5, 23 months and 8 months. I am motivated though. My first class is this wed night. Wish me luck!!!



Good luck to you too! Maybe we will meet-lol:wink2: I am not sure I will get in for Fall 07. I recently heard that you basically have to have 3 of the 4 bios completed before applying to even be looked at. I hope this is not true. I plan on finishing all mine by the time fall comes, but they were not completed as of the time I applied. On the other hand, I have my bachelor's in another field, and in the process took over a year of Biology and Chem, and got A's, so hopefully they will look at that too.

ANyway, GL and maybe see you in the program!


3preemiemom, what you heard about having to have at least 3 bios done is also what I was told.

I met with the health career advisor in December and he told me that they have a point system to rate applicants. They rate applicants on the following:

How many biology courses you have completed and what grade you received. (Applicants typically have 3 of the 4 done with a B or higher)

How many general education courses you have completed and what grade you received. (Applicants typically have 3 of the 5 done)

Unfortunately they don't look at previous degrees-- only the courses that will transfer over. So it's pretty much how many biology courses you have done and how well you did in them. It also doesn't hurt to have as many general education courses done as possible.

From the way it sounds, it is some stiff competition to get in! I wish you the best of luck. :wink2:


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Hey guys,

I wanted to let you know that most of us who applied were in A&P II at the time we applied so technically hadn't completed it. Some had completed micro, some had not (they took the summer between the first and second year of the program or else the summer before first year).

It was the general agreement of most of us in E/W that how many credits you had completed overall (at NHCC and previously) did make a big difference. Most everyone who was in my class had about 60 credits when they got in. I do believe a previous degree is helpful as most of the credits from previous degrees do transfer over.

J`motivation goes a long way in the nursing program so hang on to it! I almost wish I had gone back when my children were younger. Now extracurricular activies and outside interests for the kids make scheduling difficult at times as well as who most critically needs to use the computer :)

Good luck to you! I will wave at you as I walk past your building on Wed Good luck and let me know if you need any help! (can't guarantee I can provide it, but will give it a go!!)


You are very helpful, Sanskeet. Thank you for all your insight!


Thanx for the reply! I appreciate all insight I can get:wink2: GL!



I am glad to hear my previous credits will account for something. I have over 100 that transferred, so hopefully.....

I'll give ya a wave too on wed

thx! I will let you know if I need any assistance- lol- I am sure I will need some:mad:


Hi there,

I think I'll be ok, (crossing fingers). Looks like you all will be too! Sanskeet thanks for the heads up, I plan on having a talk with my boss to see if my hours can be a little more flexible. I also have credits that transferred and military credits that transferred so we'll see. When did you recieve your letter?

GL all and thanks for the encouraging replies!



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If memory serves me right (which it may have only been two years ago but somehow seems like eons ago LOL) we found out mid-April or so. They told us the first of May but we did end up getting them a few weeks before we expected them. Still, it felt like the longest two months of my life (ok, being at the end of a pregnancy with what ended up being a 10 lb boy was the longest two months of my life, buyt you know what I mean ;) ) Luckily A&P usually keeps one so busy that there is no time to think about much else!

Good luck guys, and let the fun begin today! (here's me waving and wishing you good luck tonight)



Holy smokes! A 10 lb boy! You poor woman:uhoh21: I could barely handle 2.

So A&P is definitely going to be brutal. I think I can handle the content, but I am a bit worried about handling my time correctly. I have been out of the loop so long and now have the kids. I am going to try to stay ahead of the game. I also have online Med terminology and Int comm. They seem ok though.

I got my card today stating that they recieved my App. I am not counting too heavily on getting in since I still dont have 3 bio grades in that are Prereqs, but what the hay, I have nothing to lose. If I dont get in I'll jsut spread my few classes out over the next year. Anyway, thanks for hte head up on maybe hearing in April. That would be great b/c then I'll know if I need to load up on summer classes or if I'll get to enjoy some summer sun



I am a first year nursing student at NHCC! Goodluck, I hope you can get in!

Thanks NuHAH! How is the program so far? Are you in the day or evening program?


I'm in the day program, the program has definately been challenging. I have worked as a nursing assistant for a long time which has helped me tremendously! I think the care plans where the biggest challenge. I honestly don't mind the class part of it, but the clinicals make me so nervous:cry:

I'm in the day program, the program has definately been challenging. I have worked as a nursing assistant for a long time which has helped me tremendously! I think the care plans where the biggest challenge. I honestly don't mind the class part of it, but the clinicals make me so nervous:cry:

Why do the clinicals make you so nervous?

The thing is that I know I am smart and I know my stuff, but when I get in there, It's like my brain shuts down or something. I am generally a nervous person, but I'm working on it!

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