Newly licensed RN - when to start work?


Hello! I just officially got my license as an RN (phew!) and have a job offer and a choice to start at the end of June or at the end of July. I am thinking I want to start at the end of June to start making $$! But I am wondering if anybody has any tips or things I am not thinking about that might be good to think of before starting my new job. I am going to take a long weekend to a beach if my big plan works out. I am so scared. And finding that I feel irritated because I don't know my schedule - even though I knew that was going to happen. It's like I'm on edge! Does anybody know what I mean?:nurse:

Start sooner! The longer you wait the more time you'll have to be anxious about starting. Plus the sooner you start the sooner you start making money.


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Thanks! That I was thinking - but wondering if that seemed crazy and should enjoy time off while I had it!

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I'm superstitious and would want to start asap!

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i would want to start asap. unless you have to relocate there is really no reason not to start at the end of june. you still have time between now and then to get in a nice vacation and have a little mental break! good luck!


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The sooner, the better. :)


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Agree with the others! Let's be honest - you probably wont be able to relax as you'd hoped to if you DO take the time off anyway. Once you start work, then later you can save for that holiday ;)

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agree with everyone else, if end of June is first option then take it and enjoy the few weeks off you have.