Newly License LVN, NO EXP!! NO WORK :(

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i got my license in june 2012 and i cant not find a job beacuse i have NO EXP... idk what to do... very disappointing :( && living in So Cal isnt helping

Just keep at it - I couldnt find a job for awhile either - I applied 1.5 hours out of my radius - and per suggestion of someone on this board I went to a website that has all the LTC/nursing homes listed by counties and applied there - It was a lot of work to find a job - I sent out close to 100 resumes/cover letters - I am working now 45 - 50 miles away from home in LTC - which from my understanding is the only way to get your foot in the door as a new LPN. It was a job to look for a job - you will find something tho - just keep sending out resumes and following up - best of luck.

i got my license in june 2012 and i cant not find a job beacuse i have NO EXP... idk what to do... very disappointing :( && living in So Cal isnt helping

yeah it'll take some time keep at it

I passed my NCLEX Oct. 2011. I didn't find my first job until Jan. 2012. I've known of some people it taking longer. Hang in there.

same here. i graduated december 2010 and still no job!

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living in So Cal isnt helping
I was living in southern CA when I completed the LVN program, but moved out of state shortly afterward to find my first job. To be blunt, Southern CA is flooded with too many LVNs and the local job market cannot absorb them all.

thanks : ) i will continue to try!! its very fustrating... omg!!

Perhaps it is possible for you to get your foot in the door of a facility working for them as a CNA and then when an LPN position opens up you can apply for it internally? I am not sure that is an option at this point but maybe you could try it? You would have to be willing to work as a CNA for most likely six months then be eligible for transfer to LPN when the next spot came open. At least that is how long you have to work a position in our facility before you are aloud to put in for a transfer to another spot.

It is sad that you were not "warned" by your instructors or fellow classmates while in school that LTC facilities tend to "hire from within". If you were already working for them as a CNA while in nursing school you are at the top of the list for the next open LPN position.

In my facility that is how it always works. They never hire "off the street" for their LPN spots if there is already a "loyal employee" right there that can be transferred to the position. The only time they hire outside of house is if there is a dire need to fill a spot and there are no CNA's that have completed school waiting for the next spot and no other LPN's or CNA's ready to go LPN that are willing to transfer in from another location within the company. Outside of that they won't hire an LPN off the street unless they have at least a year experience.

The philosophy is not just that they already know what they are getting employee wise but that LPN's that have worked as a CNA first make better nurse's.An LPN that has already worked a year LTC as some idea what they are in for and there is less training money going out the door and less risk that money will be wasted if they completely fail and cannot "make it" through orientation and or probationary period. Money, money, money is the bottom line every time. I can't imagine it is any different in any other facility.

This makes it next to impossible for a brand new LPN with no prior LTC experience at all to even get in the door. It is very frustrating.

Go apply in person. Look professional, dress nice, bring your resume and reference list. You might get lucky and be able to stop in and see the DON and have an impropto interview. That's what what I did and it worked for me!

Look up or ask other LPNs or CNAs the names of who is hiring, google them and try to find their email. Send them an email attach your resumee. Thats how I got my job now as a PCT in a hospital while im in school for LPN. =]

thanks everyone!!! : ) ive dropped resumes off while looking professional, && the thing is im not a CNA so i wont be able to work as one!! but i will NOT give up!! i actually got a job thru the immunization clinic thats seasonal... but who knows if i'll even get to work becus their are so many nurses fighting for the schedule... wish me luck! thanks for all the great advice..

Actually, being that you are an LPN and have taken a fundamentals of nursing course, you are qualified to work as a CNA. However, some facilities will probably not place you into that position because you are overqualified. They have to pay you for your certification. Are you willing to relocate? Perhaps you should look into moving to a new state. Some places are BOOMING for nurses right now.

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