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NEWLY ICENSED RN( without work experience ) Looking for a JOB!

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hi everyone!:wink2:

i am new to this site.

today i just learned that i passed the nursing exam ( california) the first shot:wink2:

i am an international graduate and has no work experience at all.

i would so love to hear your suggestions/advices to what must i do in able to start working? most of the hospitals and nursing homes require at least 6 months of experience.

i have no clue where to start from here.

pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssseeeee help.



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Moving this to the California forum.


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Try new grad programs.. a lot of hospitals have then and they will train new RNs.. Kaiser, LLUMC and area hospitals have programs... depending on where you live and the hospitals around...

If you're an international graduate, then you need to check out the international board. Did you graduate from the US on a student visa? Or did you graduate overseas and are looking for work visas? Did you take the NCLEX in your home country? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then I suggest that you visit the international board and check out the threads regarding retrogression.

If you're already living here in California and graduated from school here in the US then if I were you I'd apply to any place. Especially the skilled nursing facilities because they may say they require experience, but they really do hire a lot of new grads.

Also, new grad programs have already started for the most part and most of those positions went to either 1. graduates who were already working in the hospital as CNA's or LVN's 2. graduates who graduated here in the US.

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