Newbie wants to know if any CCP nursing students here?

by gwami gwami (Member)

Hi am new here.

I am going to CCP for nursing. I am taking the prerequisites to apply after fall 06 semester.

I want to know if any other CCP students here. can they share their experiences about the program?

Will you recommend it to me or anyone?

Do they have waiting lists? I have high GPA. Am I almost certain of getting in then.

What hospitals do you have your clinicals.

What is the sequence of clinicals, practicals and in class.




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I went to CCP for my pre-req's and got accepted to their program but opted to go to Abington's Program instead. CCP gets hundreds on applications and their acceptances are based on a point system. You get points for GPA, their admission test, and points for never withdrawling from a class. The highest number of points you can get is nine. They take everybody who has a nine first, then eights, and so on. There is no waiting list. If your not accepted, you have to re-apply the following year. Hope this info helps.



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Hi gwami. I jut graduated from CCP's nuring school and am studying for NCLEX as we speak... The following poster wa correct on the most part about the program. This year they will now be conducting interviews. No waiting list you either get in or you dont then reapply.

The program is excellent as well as the teachers. If you want to start in fall 2007 you have to apply in Oct of 2006.

Clinacals are hospital based, long term care and community based ( we were the first college in the US to intergrate that into our program). Any questions that I can help with send me a message


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I don't know where this myth of "waiting list" came from. I think that's what people that failed the entrance exam told people so they wouldn't look bad. :lol2:

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Hi gwami, 2nd-year CCP-er here. Well, I've gotten a lot out of the program, though I can't exactly compare it to any other. The professors are all excellent in different areas of Nursing, and the head of the department was recently named president-elect of the NLN. Students similarly come from a wide variety of backgrounds and my experience is that there is a lot of common respect and comradere among us.

As was mentioned, there is _no_ waiting list, just a nasty rumor of one...

Clinical rotations are at Jefferson, St. Joseph's, Jean's, Presbyterian, Hahnemann, Graduate Hospital, and Temple (I think that's all of them) for first year, and there are additional sites in the second year, including Community health centers. In first year, you'll have two on-campus days (M,T) and two clinical days (R,F). The first four weeks of your first semester will be entirely on-campus, with Thurs. and Fri. being basic skills introductions, and thereafter you're at your assigned hospital on those days.

Welcome aboard! Hopefully the semester you come in, I won't be pulling my hair out over the upcoming NCLEX. (just 'cause self-hair-pulling is so...unoriginal!)

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