Beth Israel Nursing School NYC

  1. Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone applied to Beth Israel NYC for this coming Fall? I applied there and I really want to get in. I always wanted to go. If anyone knows if it's hard to get in, or what score they are looking for on the NLN exam that would be rally helpful. And is it true that the only start giving interviews in May????
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  3. by   Triple A's

    I started a similar thread in the New York section. I've already sent all my paperwork and will sit for the NLN in feb 11,2009.
    When are you taking the exam?
  4. by   Shana J
    Hey!!!!!!That's so funny I am also taking the NLN on Feb 11!!! Are you taking them in Beth Israel? I am. Also how long did you study for because I am soooo behind in my studying and I am sooo scared. I didn't even finish going through the study book once. Also do you know if it's true that they only start giving interviews in May?
  5. by   Triple A's
    from what I understand, the earlier the exam is taken, the earlier you will be interviewed ( providing your NLN scores are up to par). I spoke with someone who is currently a student there and I was told that interviews can start as early as March.
  6. by   Shana J
    Ya I called them, and they said that if you take the exam in Feb than the interview will be the end of Mach/beginning of April. So how's your studying going? I am getting so nervous because I am not good at fractions and the math section is full of fractions!!!!!
  7. by   Triple A's
    Math is definately my weakness, I hope someone who has taken it at BI can give us an idea on how it was.
  8. by   Shana J
    My friend goes to BI and she wasn't so strong at math either but she did really well on the exam. It really all depends on the level of all the people taking the exam on Feb 11.
  9. by   Triple A's
    well, if that's the case I hope everyone taking it next week is as weak in math as I am lol.
    Which program did you apply to? I applied to the evening program and will take ethics in the summer.
  10. by   Shana J
    Yeah I hope they are weak in everything :wink2:. I applied to the three year day program, there are not pre-reqs for it. Do you think it's going to be hard to get in? I REALLY want to go I'm so scared
  11. by   Triple A's
    From what my friend told me, the school is very competitive, but if all goes well you should be ok. the hardest section to get into is the evening section because of the amount of candidates applying for that section. how did your friend do on the math section of the NLN?
  12. by   Shana J
    I don't know what she got on each part I just know she got in the 90 something percentile. Did you apply to any other schools?
  13. by   Triple A's
    I applied to LICH as well, but I really want to go to PBISN.
  14. by   Shana J
    I was going to apply there also, but they changed their entrance exam this year and I didn't want to study for 2 different tests.