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Hi all,

I am going to be taking the pre- employment pediatric pharmacology exam this week. I am very nervous since this will be my second and last chance. I only failed by 1 question last time.

Has anyone taken this a second time recently? Is it the same questions or based on the same topics? Any advice anyone has would be helpful. Thank you.


I wish you lots of luck. Let me know what is it like? Do you have a studyguide you could send me?

Thank you. There is a practice test on the NLN website that you can purchase for 10$. That is a very good representation of the test. I know there are other pages that talk about a study guide. I haven't seen one, and they also recently changed the test. So that may be old information.

Are you taking the pediatric test?

No hopefully if I make good impressions tomarrow during my interview, It will be the general one because I would be working in the Operation Room. Are you going for Pediatrics? How long after the interview did you hear back from Human Resources that you where conditionally hired?

As long as I pass this test this week I will be starting in the PICU. Are you having an in person interview or phone?

I had my interview on an "interview day". So, I met with HR and the nurse manager the same day. I actually got a phone call that night from the recruiter. I think this was unusual, and only happened because they had finished interviewing for the positions available.

Are you interviewing for Cornell or Columbia? Are you a new grad?

I will be going to an open interview day. I have 12 years experience but none in the OR. I will be at Columbia. Which location are you? I think you will pass. Be positive. So I am assumming you are a recent grad?

I just graduated in May. I am going to the Cornell location.

I wish you the best in you interview. I'm sure you will do well. That's very exciting! Let me know how it goes. :)

Thanks I will let you know how I do.

Just passed the test!

Was just nosing around NYP's website and had no idea their "ideal" new grad candidate has a BSN with a 3.0 GPA.

NYP also (according to their website) heavily hires from within giving preference to current employees who graduate from nursing programs, NYP nurse externs, students who do clinical rotations there, and finally employee referrals.

No wonder it's hard to land a gig as a new grad there.

Congrats to you for passing! I think my interviews went well yesterday. They gave me the paper about the test but waiting for them to call me back.

That's great! I hope you hear back soon.

Thank you!

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