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Hi All I'll be starting at VEEB in the Fall and was wondering if there are any current or past VEEB students that can give some info on this program. What are the Teachers like? What are the... Read More

  1. by   bmommy2
    Jade1024 look through the threads,,so far I have read we need to know the basics..I am really nervous...
  2. by   bmommy2
    Any students past or present use a PDA to help with clinicals? I have read they are helpful,,just wondered.
  3. by   NY-Mom
    hey jade1024, for the entrance exam you need to know 9th grade math and 12th grade reading and writing really well in order to pass the entrance exam for veeb, the exam is timed and they dont give that much time to answer the questions, i really hope we all pass the test so we can go on to become veeb students!! i'm so anxious to take it already! lol
  4. by   bmommy2
    Hey Jade 1024 hope to have you as a classmate Sept 2009! What area do u live in?
  5. by   jade1024
    Quote from bmommy2
    Hey Jade 1024 hope to have you as a classmate Sept 2009! What area do u live in?
    I live in laurelton queens. What about you? Thank you for the information.
  6. by   bmommy2
    I am in East Meadow.
  7. by   Grindin26
    Is 2nd trimester really that bad?

    People are making it seem that doing exceptionally well is not possible.

    I've looked at the material, and am not really feeling the pressure, should I be?
  8. by   BE16
    I am currently a veeb student. I am looking for veeb's modules for the second semester. I really want to buy them
    Any seller is willing to get in contact with me.
  9. by   Malenurse20
    hello everyone i also want to know where should i look to study for the veebs entrance test?? I have a study guide that a EKG classmate gave me, also a book by learning express called "nursing school entrance exam" comes with a cd-rom and it has several test in the same format as the entrance exam.. i have been slacking a little with my reading but JANUARY 1ST THAT ENDS!! N TIME TO GET SERIOUS
  10. by   bmommy2
    Hello malenurse20, From what I have read on this thread you can study a GED study guide..I am just studying a nursing entrance exam book also...My weakness is the math part!
  11. by   Malenurse20
    Yea i share that same weakness never was good at math pretty much hate it! but i want innnnnnnnnnn veebs
  12. by   Malenurse20
    this topic dead??
  13. by   NY-Mom
    hey malenurse20, i'm also in the process of studying for the veeb entrance exam, my weakness is math also so i have to focus on that, i've been studying from a nurse entrance exam study guide, i really want to get into veeb!!! can any current veeb students tell us hopeful future veeb students how they like the school so far?? Thanks!!!!!