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Hi All I'll be starting at VEEB in the Fall and was wondering if there are any current or past VEEB students that can give some info on this program. What are the Teachers like? What are the... Read More

  1. by   GLady17
    I took my pre-entrance exam this morning....and I felt like I did well. Does anyone happen to know how they grade you. They had the test broken up into three different parts......vocabulary, comprehension and they grade seperately or all together. I would really appreciate if anyone could help me....thanks.
  2. by   LilyNurseG0al
    Did anyone get their results yet??? Just curious! :-\
  3. by   GLady17
    Hi Littlenurse goal,

    I didn't get my results back because I only took the test 2 days ago, so I assume that I will be waiting a long time. When did you take your test? Do you think you did well?
  4. by   sweetness07
    [font=book antiqua]glady17-i took my test the day before you. i am not sure how well i did on the math. i know you did well based on all the studying you did:redpinkhe the woman that proctored the exams said that the reading and vocabulary are graded together and that they look at how many you got right. the math is graded separately.

    lilynurseg0al-when i took my test this week, they said that they have been testing since february and that they have not sent out any notifications yet. they must have tested 1000 people by now
  5. by   sweetness07
    Quote from changemyworld
    i was told that i should expect to be at the school for 5 hours during the testing day. can you share with those who have not taken the test what the day is like. how long is the actual test and if it doesn't take up that entire 5 hours she quoted me what happens during the rest of the time we are there? also i see people have noted that the time allowances are tough. how long approx were the math and english parts each? thanks
    [font=book antiqua]hi "change" i took the test the other day. we had 24 minutes for 80 vocabulary words, 32 minutes for 38 reading comprehension questions and i think about 35 minutes for 40 math questions. the time goes by fast, pace yourself and you will be fine. if something is taking a while for you to figure out, skip it and go back to it after you have answered all the other questions. i finished all sections in the time given.

    as far as the 5 hours goes, i arrived a little before 8:00. we started taking the exams around 10:30ish and we were dismissed around 1:00. there was a lot of waiting. we waited to check in, then we waited for the proctor, then they explain the test. the actual test didn't take that long.

    all the best to you!
  6. by   praise2u
    I am already in, and this is my 2nd semester, and yes I have seen people drop out within the first week. So I'm glad you decided to take the test. Just know you will work like you have never worked before.

    Quote from GLady17
    Thank you sweetness07, praise2u, and littlenursegoal. I really appreciate your encouragement. It really has totally changed my mindset thanks to you guys. You guys are defintely right. It's not that I am a negative person, it's just that I can't fight the number game.....(1,000 applicants vs. 200 acceptances) know what I mean. But I have still continued to study and I do plan on still taking the test because I want to be a nurse so badly. It has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. It never crossed my mind that there are people who might back out of the program , or that they can't come up with the money. I guess since I know I can come up with the money and I would defintely NOT back out, I figured everyone else is thinking the same way. Thank you guys so much for giving me hope. I wish you guys all the best and I hope that you guys get accepted......hey you never know....maybe we will all be future classmates.....Cant wait to see!!!!! Good luck guys!!!!!
  7. by   GLady17
    Quote from praise2u
    I am already in, and this is my 2nd semester, and yes I have seen people drop out within the first week. So I'm glad you decided to take the test. Just know you will work like you have never worked before.

    I was just curious, since there are people that sometimes back out within the first week of school, does that mean that veeb tries to fill up those seats as well, and if so, do you know how that works since the potential student has missed a week of school??
  8. by   LiFutureNurse
    Did anyone receive any news as of yet? I am anxiously awaiting my results...too bad I have to wait until approx the end of april for mine.
  9. by   deinde keji
    what time of the day do you go for classes and is it very easy to qualify for financial aid?
  10. by   STLPN
    Hello All, Former grad of VEEB here class of 2001. I would recommed this program to anyone. I had a great experience there. Since it has been almost 10 years already.
    In a nutshell. the program is 1 year. I attended school from 8a-1p. The hours sounds great but don't expect to keep your job, you make up the rest of the time studying. It is very fast track. In order to make it you have to commit yourself to school for that year, no if ands or buts.
    I had alternating one week of class and one week of clinical. Every week we had an exam. This is why you are constantly studying. I know it sound tough but you were only tested on one weeks worth of material at a time. I think that was great. There was no BS they basically said this is what you need to know, study it and it will be on the test next week. It's either you know the material or you fail.
    When I went to take my boards I really felt confident in what I learned, this same confidence was there when I started my first job, I wasn't scared or nervous.
    VEEB has a sister school Helene Fuld College of Nursing in Harlem. That is also a 1 year ASN program (prereqs included) Most VEEB grads go there to get there RN.
    Good luck to you all!!
  11. by   LilyNurseG0al
    I Called Veeb today and they said this week is the last week for testing. They also said that they sent out the first batch of results today! woohoo! Im guessing I shouldnt be expecting my results for another 2-3 weeks (since I took my test on march 2nd) so maybe I shouldnt be that excited . lol Anyway, good luck to everyone who gets thier results in the next day or so!
  12. by   gabby10
    That's good news. I took my test last week and I am nervous. The test was pretty basic but I forgot a couple of rules when it came to math. Not sure how they grade but I think I got 6 questions wrong. Hopefully I did ok. If I don't get in this year I will try again next year.
  13. by   LiFutureNurse
    stlpn: thank you for your in sight about the program.

    to my fellow testers..good luck!!! i can't wait until everyone receives their results!