The CUNY Nursing School Survey - page 3

hello nurses or nurses-to-be!!! iam new to this site and iam seriously considering to go to nursing school; the only problem is that i am not sure which cuny school to go to!!!!:uhoh3: everyone... Read More

  1. by   truejewel82
    I attend La Guardia and am enjoying the program although intense, but manageable if you are dedicated. I know that it's a very respected program and they have a 100% NCLEX passing rate.
  2. by   mariesmist
    hi im graduating from hunter this year and i think it's a pretty good program. most of the profs are really good and really care about the students. i think every nursing program has its weaknesses, but clinical skill preparation is not hunter's weakness. in the end, you get what you put in. i think i learned a lot and while no program will prepare you completely for the real world, hunter does try hard. i also think going to a private school for nursing is a waste of money. i got scholarships that pretty much made my education free, and i already got a couple of job offers. PM any specific questions you have!
  3. by   sadstudent
    BMCC sucked. All the professors arrived late, let you leave early and you basically teach yourself everything while they suply the rumor mill - look for something better!
  4. by   GN007
    CUNY Kingsborough CC in Brooklyn is a good program. The instructors and clinicals were great. No real complaints here. I feel confident that they prepared me well to be a safe and competent RN. The NCLEX pass rates are yearly above 90% and another good barometer of the program is that the incoming seats keep increasing. The most recent incoming class was 100 students. Study hard for the prereqs and do well as this will be a good measure of acceptance and success in the program. Even though it is a 2 year program, my classmates (NUR Program, not the other classes) were some of the brightest people I have met. Many have BS in other fields, some were ex premeds, some were advance science degree holders in other countries. In conclusion, I would recommend this program to anyone.
  5. by   mb1949
    I am attending Bronx Community College. Older student going for LPN starting in fall, I have an associates degree already, Going LPN to RN gateway. I should have gone straight to RN but was nervous about being out of school so long. Anyway it is very competitive, the classes fill up fast so you have to jump on the registration quick and the nursing dept is like 0 help. Basically your on your own Oh well we will see how it goes, anyway after I get my LPN I am thinking of leaving and going to Cochran in Yonkers or MT Vernon Hospital both of which have an accelerated LPN to RN program. It was so hard to get in the LPN program i don't know if I want to go through that again.