Phillips School of Nursing Starts ABSN Program

  1. Did I miss something, or was this discussed already?

    Phillips School of Nursing is launching a second degree BSN program!
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  3. by   DoGoodThenGo
    Ok, nearly 400 views....

    Has anyone applied to, and or is in this new program?
  4. by   rpresto706
    Hi everyone, this is a new program. I just applied and interviewed with the dean. Has anyone else? From the open house, the program has rolling admissions and the deadline is sometime in March.
  5. by   EllaB17
    Hi rpresto706, do you know if the prerequisites are your typical ABSN prerequisites; AP 1&11, Microbiology...etc? I can't seem to find information about that online. I still have to take Chemistry and I am wondering if any college level chem class (with a lab) will suffice. How was the open house? I just learned of this program today and I am going to apply as well. Any feedback would greatly be appreciated. Best of luck on your applications.
  6. by   morganmo
    I applied, and interviewed also. had all my previous pre-reqs through a prior bachelors degree.
  7. by   Sjeanlou
    Did anyone hear anything yet? I got in, just wondering who else is joining this cohort.
  8. by   morganmo
    I got accepted also
  9. by   Sjeanlou
    Oh ok sounds great! Congrats!
  10. by   iamjessica
    Hi @morganmo, would you mind sharing your stats with us? Also, was wondering if they looked more at the cumulative GPA or just the prereq GPA. Their website says they look at the cumulative GPA, but I've been reading other forums saying they look at the prereq GPA. Would greatly appreciate advice if you have any! Also, how is the program? Pros/cons?

    Thanks in advance!
  11. by   morganmo
    I had slightly above a 3.0 overall gpa wise, but science gpa never made below a B in any science course and have taken through ochem. Plus had a very diverse background..So I'm honestly unsure what they really look for. If I were you I would look into other programs. I came to the city just for the program, they never informed the students it was hybrid online/In class and have us going just one day a week. The staff is wonderful, however I think it lacks organization big time.
  12. by   futurenurseN
    Can any one share their experience in the program? I was recently accepted for the Spring 2018 cohort
  13. by   tinyspoons
    Hi there, can anyone share where they took their Math for Medications course? Are you taking it at Phillips itself or did you take it somewhere else in New York or online? I see a class at my local community college (Suffolk), but only nursing students are allowed to take it. Any ideas where I can fulfill this prerequisite? Oh, and what Ethics course did you take? Did it need to be specific to health professions or was a general Ethics course accepted?
    Thank you!
  14. by   tammybee
    You can take math for medications at BMCC. I did a regular ethics class.