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  1. nerdyy.nurse

    New Job in the Stepdown.. any advice?

    Hello beautiful nurses! I've just got my first job as an RN in the Stepdown and I'm super excited however I want to be as prepared (as possible) as I possibly can be! Any helpful insight into new nursing tips and/or tips specifically for Stepdown I should know would be extremely welcome. THANK YOU!
  2. nerdyy.nurse

    Phillips School of Nursing Starts ABSN Program

    Oh ok sounds great! Congrats!
  3. nerdyy.nurse

    Phillips School of Nursing Starts ABSN Program

    Did anyone hear anything yet? I got in, just wondering who else is joining this cohort.
  4. nerdyy.nurse

    Less support from friends

    Um, you need to drop them like a bad habit.
  5. nerdyy.nurse

    Math for Medications

    Hey beautiful people! Once again, I need help. I'm starting a ABSN program in May however I need to take Math for Medications. I found plenty of self-help guides, but I need an actual course. Does anyone have any ideas where I could find such a course? I live in the NJ area, however an online course would be preferable. 5$/!&3z
  6. nerdyy.nurse

    Rutgers ABSN FALL 2016

    I sent in my last transcripts for this past semester and yeah... I'm freaking out cause I REALLY want Rutgers. I think it's pure TORTURE that they're making us wait this long to find out whether or we got into the program. Good luck to everyone.
  7. nerdyy.nurse

    Portage learning

    You have one full year to complete the course. The course ends on the day you bought the next year. I've taken Nutrition.
  8. nerdyy.nurse

    Oncology Nursing

    Hello beautiful people! I'm still new to this whole amazing field of nursing but I've decided that I wanted to become an Oncology nurse. Now there's plenty of forums on what it's like to be an Oncology nurse, however I've had plenty of experiences with these type of nurses because I've spent much time in clinics having lost 2 aunts to brain and breast cancer. I wanted to ask, how would I go about pursing this career... I've just finished applying to some accelerated BSN programs so this is after my program. Some sources I've seen say I need to get an MSN and some sources say I need some special additional certifications. Please give me your input, thanks so much!
  9. Hello beautiful people! I've just submitted my application to the College of New Rochelle Program for the Fall 2016 cohort. I wanted to know if there are any current students in the program that can give me insight about it? Tuition? Financial Aid Teachers? Life as a commuter student? Clinical placements? I read some good and bad on this website but I just wanted to be sure. Also, good luck to fellow applicants!
  10. nerdyy.nurse

    Personal Statement

    Hello beautiful people, I'm applying to an ABSN program and I've just finished my personal statement, whew finally! However, if anyone would like to offer their opinion I would deeply appreciate it because I think that's the beautiful thing about this place is that I feel like it's a great network of people.
  11. nerdyy.nurse

    Rutgers New Brunswick Spring 2017

    Hello! I'm applying to both campuses for the Fall and the Spring :-)
  12. nerdyy.nurse

    Rutgers ABSN FALL 2016

    Hey everyone! I attended the Information Session at Rutgers back in February and I'm happy I found this page. I'm actually applying for the Fall 2016 as well. I'm to the OP for making this page. Good luck to everyone!
  13. nerdyy.nurse

    Working during ABSN Program?

    What are your thoughts? I'm applying to a 15 month program and I'd like to know if this is possible?
  14. nerdyy.nurse

    CNA before Accelerated BSN Program

    Hello everyone! I could really use anyone's advice that they would be willing to give. This whole profession of nursing is amazing and new and I'm so excited about it however I have no nursing experience WHATSOEVER and I just took a paycut from my job. I had the idea of getting a CNA certification here in NJ and working a few months before my ABSN program starts (June). The CNA program is four weeks and I'm already a full-time student, so I would have to take night classes, which I don't mind. However, do you think it's worth it to work as a CNA for around 6 months before my program starts? Thanks in advance!
  15. nerdyy.nurse

    BSN to RN or to MSN?

    Hello! I was wondering if someone could clarify for me what the difference is between getting an MSN or becoming a NP? Some places I see and hear its the same thing and some places its not. Right now, I'm currently taking classes to apply for an ABSN program so I guess I was wondering in the future what other path I could take. Please, any and all advice is welcomed. THANK YOU
  16. nerdyy.nurse

    NYU ABSN Fall 2016

    I've got nothing yet but I don't mind to join this thread and keep updating with my progress because I intend to apply for the Fall 2016 cohort as well! Good luck!

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