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Hello all! Has anyone applied to Pace University's combined degree program in Westchester for this coming Spring? I just applied and I am anxiously awaiting my acceptance or rejection notice. I... Read More

  1. by   mark1973

    I'm going to apply for the Spring 2010 accelerated program at Pace University at Pleasantville, NY. I have a law degree from University of Florida with a 3.11 GPA. I plan on taking the MAT in August. I'm taking the pre-reqs at a community college this summer and fall. Would like to hear from anyone applying or who has already been accepted into this program. Is there a minimum GPA?

  2. by   kirham
    Why are you taking the MAT? Pace Requires the GRE. I'm planning to apply if my other school does not work out. Min GPA is 3.0, and min GRE is 1100. Also for your prerequisites, make sure you have an avereage of at least 3.0.
  3. by   mark1973
    Pace takes either the MAT or the GRE. I'm taking the MAT because I'm better at verbal than math, so I think I can get a higher percentile ranking with the MAT.
  4. by   GoalsInTransition
    Hi Mark,

    So, the MAT is more verbal-friendly, in your opinion? I may have to consider that, although I am scheduled to take the GRE. FYI, the admissions rep from Pace told me that the average GPA for students accepted into this program is 3.4 (including prerequisites).

    Also, I attended an information session, and the reps there seemed very excited about current and past students who had rather unique backgrounds and/or outstanding performance in another field. This may be the case with you and your law background, so I would play that up in your application (personal statement portion).

    Keep in touch, and let us know how the process is going!

    Also, for everyone, the rep told me that they do not begin to review apps until September, so regardless of when you apply, you're unlikely to hear from them before that time.

    Good luck to all!

  5. by   mark1973

    Thanks for your reply.

    I think that perhaps the best strategy might be to take both the GRE and the MAT, and if you have a significantly better score on one or the other, use that score on your application. Of course, the people who design standardized tests would claim that your scores on one will be more or less equal to your scores on another, but I'm not so sure.

    Good luck to everyone, and I hope to see you in Pleasantville in January!


    P.S. Hey, why is the icon for a nurse (that you can post with your reply) wearing a white cap on her head?
  6. by   jjean331
    Mark i'm trying to do the same and I am going to their open house on Tuesday night. I was going to take the gre but just picked up the MAT book so just started studying for that. Hopefully we can both get in for the spring.
  7. by   djmsailor
    I just sent my application in last week.
    Undergrad GPA:3.61
    Prereq:5As and 2Bs
    GRE:570/Verbal, 660/Math.
    Owned my own company for the last 19 years and I am an EMT/Firefighter volunteer. No hospital experience though. Anyone else going to be coming from Nassau County? Would love to carpool.
  8. by   jjean331
    wow that's awesome congrats. If I get in I will be traveling from Queens. Please let us know when you are in.
  9. by   huffman1980
    I sent in my application a couple weeks ago.

    Undergrad GPA - 3.6 (BS Biology)
    Graduate GPA - 3.8 (MS Forensic Science)
    Prereq GPA - 3.85 (I still have to complete A&P 2 this fall)

    I took the MAT over the GRE simply because of the amount of time the test required. I studied for the test for a couple of weeks. The test only takes one hour. The downside is that I had to wait two weeks for my score.

    Professional background - worked five years in an academic lab as a research technician followed by two years at my current position, facilities manager for a scientific department at a college

    I may have a problem with my application since by the time the program starts I will have taken basic chemistry 11 years ago. I am hoping admissions will "overlook" the ten year rule in this case since I have almost 30 credit hours of chemistry coursework, most of which has occurred within the last ten years.

    If I am accepted I will be driving to Pleasantville from the Bronx.

    Good luck to everybody!
  10. by   mark1973

    Do you know if there is an application for Pace University Accelerated BSN program and if so where I can find it?


  11. by   mark1973

    Good luck with your application to Pace.

    Were you able to find an application on their website?


  12. by   huffman1980
    you should be able to download the application from the following site:

    good luck
  13. by   mark1973
    Hi everyone,

    I took the Miller Analogies Test and did better than I expected to (460). I think I should be able to get into the Pace CDP for January 2010 and will let everyone know if this turns out to be right. If I get in I'll have to figure out how to pay for it...LOL

    Has anybody been to an orientation group? Any thoughts? Where do Pleasantville students do their clinicals?

    If you're reading this thread, let the rest of us know your latest developments and thoughts.

    Mark, RN2B