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Hello, I am very much leaning towards attending the NYU second degree program over LIU in the fall and would like some insight as to what to expect. Please include any details you would like to... Read More

  1. by   jistravel
    Yes- I have Mei Fu as well- and she was so engaging but she really freaked me out when she suggested that we read the materials before class, then go to lecture and then read the book again after lecture - look at the powerpoints, then reread? I had planned on taking her suggestions but then realized that this was physically impossible. I am enjoying the lecture, materials and clinical/lab but just have been feeling overwhelmed with all the reading for all the classes and wondering if we need to start committing everything to memory. Thank you for your suggestions. I actually feel a lot better...Any tips on the Nursing Research class? It also seems like materials for Fundamentals and Health Assessment overlap (at least in the begining, for instance the cultural theories/definitions, and the 7 steps of nursing, etc) I keep reevaluating my plan of action...

    Thank you again!!!!
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  3. by   Kelzy
    Umm... I feel like research was forever ago, but I do remember her exams coming from the readings. I didn't really get a whole lot out of her lectures, but definitely read the powerpoints. And by that, I don't mean to tell you it's not worthwhile to go to class because I think you learn stuff by just being there and listening, even if it feels like you don't. I think I only missed one or two classes and we took it at 8 am on Fridays, so I'm not a total slacker . I think she does test maps for exams also, so focus on those.
  4. by   MJM2010

    Gearing up for applying to fall 2010. Just curious to know the daily schedule. I'm taking hiatus from graduate school to do nursing. I would like to bring my daughter with me to NYC. I attended Ivy League grad school and had family housing and brought my two young children and it worked out fine but if the NYU program is super rigorous I will leave my kids in California with my hubby who has a good job there (that's why we are not relocating entirely as a family).

    Not that I think it is a piece of cake but isnt it the hard classes are behind us now with Chem, Anat, Microbio and Physio out of the way or are the nursing courses twice as hard and require a lot of study hours. Just curious. Maybe I can feel it out and go to NYC by myself for fall and if I can handle it bring the kids out with me for spring but I think Kelzy said spring was even harder than fall. How's the summer?

    Do you hear of any accreditation [sic] problems with NYU's ABSN program? Looking forward to hear responses.
  5. by   jistravel
    Hi MJM,
    Honestly, the program is not as bad as I thought it would be- that does not mean that I learned not to freak out before each exam. As long as you manage your time (we usually have one exam every week) and figure in time for careplans, papers and group projects you will be fine. A lot of people in the program have kids but I think it really depends on the person and situation, depending on age of their kids, help from husband or parents.

    I think the classes are a different type of difficulty than chemistry or A&P. Its a combo of knowing the materials and applying to "what would a nurse do". Last Fall I had hospital clinicals or on campus clinicals (alternating) once a week for 7-8 hours, two busy days of classes, one short day where I only had 3 hours of lab, and Friday off. Spring semester is harder because you have 2 clinicals, the days you have class ends later and some professors whiz through the material so quickly, just seems like alot more material to cover. But again, many people have jobs, children, take frequent weekends trips and they are doing very well.

    It just feel like you have something every week, which is great because you can really concentrate on studying, but at the same time feel like you never get a break. During finals you feel slammed because you only get one reading day and the exams are usually over just a few days.

    I do not know about summer but it looks hard because we will be taking 11 credits (2 classes) in a little over 2 months. As for accreditation, I cant really say. I think NYU is accredited by one but is working on getting accredited by the other. A bunch of us were discussing this because some want to go to another graduate school afterwards.
  6. by   MJM2010
    Hi jstravel, Thanks for the response. NYU program seems pretty doable as long as you manage your time well and focus.

    Keep me updated on the accreditation thing b/c I hope this does not effect places of employment in the future and grad school. For example, what if I want to go to a top research university hospital and they do not accept the NYU nursing curriculum program. Highly unlikely though right?

    Pls keep in touch and let us know how are things going? How do people work? I thought it is a full-time program??
    Are clinicals and labs scheduled between 8-5 PM hours or are there PM classes as well. Just trying to feel it out if I should bring my kids. But I think most likely I'll go by myself for fall and feel it out.

    I just want to make sure that NYU prepares one well for the NCLEX and all b/c I plan on taking that thing only once and like less than a mo after graduating b/c I really need to start working. Are there job placements???

    Thanks, MJM2010
  7. by   jistravel
    Hello MJM 2010,
    We are accredited by CCNE, so from what understand, will not be shortchanged by any way. I know alot of people who plan on going onto grad school and also practicing/moving out of NY and it looks like they looked into it way more than I did. Thats where I am getting this info from.

    As for how do people work.. mostly part time over the weekend and on the free day that you dont have classes or clinicals. You also have that day with Health Assessment Lab, which is 2 hr and 45 minutes, so if you have that at 8 AM you have the rest of the day from 10:45 to do whatever. I know people who work 3 days a week and do very well. Some people work just one day a week. The first semester really was not THAT bad (now that I look back).

    Off Campus Clinicals are from 7:30 to 3:30 but some instructors may request you come in earlier or later. Then the rotating week you are at On Campus Clinical from 7:30 to 2:30. During my fall semester my first lecture started at 8 AM-9:15, another one at 9:30 to 12, then one more 3:30 to 6:10. So pretty much the whole day with a gap from 12 to 3:30.

    I think that one thing NYU does is try to prepare you for NCLEX- Kaplan review is included with our courses and we have to complete certain at home/online practice tests as well as a comprehensive one at their center. I do not do the Kaplan reviews unless it it required by a course, but I plan to go crazy with it once I graduate. I need to start working asap as well- I keep thinking what I gave up for this...anyway...

    Lastly, I do not think NYU does anything more with helping look for jobs than other schools. They have career resources center, advisors you can speak to, career fairs. I think that they should really help the accelerated students with summer externships more. There are many many hospitals in the area that offer summer extern programs but they do not fit into the program. I am not sure what the job situation will be when we graduate. It seems to depend on who you speak to and from what angle they are addressing it.

    Good luck with everything!
  8. by   MJM2010
    Thanks Jistravel for the useful information. Do you have a PT job? When you do clinicals do you have to already wear some sort of uniform? Can you study moderately without stressing or do you find yourself doing all-nighters and the like? Just curious.

    You mentioned spring sem is harder than fall sem? Also how do you fill your days in the summer when you only have two classes to take? Do you have more clinicals to take/

    Pls share your educational background, just curious? Do you go through a career change.

    Thanks, MJM2010
  9. by   speedingticket
    Quote from MJM2010
    Thanks Jistravel for the useful information. Do you have a PT job? When you do clinicals do you have to already wear some sort of uniform? Can you study moderately without stressing or do you find yourself doing all-nighters and the like? Just curious.

    You mentioned spring sem is harder than fall sem? Also how do you fill your days in the summer when you only have two classes to take? Do you have more clinicals to take/

    Pls share your educational background, just curious? Do you go through a career change.

    Thanks, MJM2010
    Hi MJM2010, it really depends on each individual. Some people might find it easier because they have background in premed, EMS, or LPN. Some studied dancing, photography and it would definitely be hard for them. I think you really need to learn how to manage your time. I never used a planner before this program, now I can't live without it. It also depends what kind of part time job you are planning to work for, is it stressful/physical/office? All off campus clinical and simulation labs require NYU's uniform (IMY it's so ugly... purple scrubs, white shoes, plastic name pin...), it's in the student handbook on NYU's website, I think I added a link in my other post, let me know if you have hard time to find the handbook. If you balance out ur readings, and have a good memory, you definitely can have an easy first semester. Also it depends what kind of grade u want, is it 4.0 or 3.0? You need least 3.5 to apply the NYU externship during the summer (which is a great opportunity), but I would recommend a 3.7, which is not easy to get. I agree with Jistravel, spring semester is much busier than fall, mainly due to the adult clinical and pharmacology. Although there are only 2 summer courses, the clinicals are much more demanding, you'll see a dramatic shift of demand from your instructors. I felt I was a little incompetent first, and needed a lot practice. (w/e u studied in the textbook are very different once you are on the floor, and once you have a bleeder right in front of you, you'll most likely panic...) And I would strongly recommend you to take one of the electives during the summer, that way you can have an easier last semester and use that extra time during that semester to study for Nclex or search for jobs.
  10. by   MJM2010
    Thanks so much. Yea. I'm sure I'll be a vision too with ultra purple scrubs and white shoes. Ha-ha.

    I'm so excited to start. We'll see what happens .... TY again.
  11. by   jistravel
    Hi MJM2010-
    Personally for me, I cannot do allnighters. I end up dozing off and wasting my time. I think that over the semester for the regular exams you can study moderately by spacing it out or semi cram and do very well, depending on how you work. In the Fall you usually have no more than one exam a week. That changed for us in this Spring semester, where we have Adult and Pharm exams in the same week. Adult and Pharm is ALOT of info so its harder to cram for, in my opinion. During finals week, we have one designated reading day and all the exams during that one week. Also, all the classes assign a lot of reading and I learned that for the most part, you dont have to do it. I wasted so much time last semester stressing about keeping up with the reading but t is impossible.
    I honestly have not looked at the Summer schedule..(I have to do that soon) but I know that it is 11 credits and 2 clinicals. So that alone tells me it will be very busy. My background is in finance and I kinda just dove into this. It is hard, and I tend to stress out/freak out before any exam but I realize that I over react to everything. Its never as bad as I think it will be..

    Good luck to you!
  12. by   jistravel
    Hi MJM2010,
    In answer to your first question, no I do not have a job. I never considered it because I dont like to be really busy- does that make sense? I think school itself is more than enough for me. Oh- one more thing about those purple uniforms- you can spot us a mile away and you will never have trouble finding your classmates if you are ever in a busy street or cafeteria full of other health care professionals. Everytime I get ready for clinicals, my boyfriend calls me Barney tells me I am in my Barney outfit.
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  13. by   MJM2010
    JS Travel thanks so much for your response. Yea. I found you dont have to read everything too in another program yet maybe just focus on the outline or what is being said in lecture.

    Ha! Good nobody knows my in NYC. I can wear that "Barney" outfit without being self-conscious. Ha-ha. Thanks a lot for you response.