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  1. Riles241

    Timing on advancing to NP role

    Hi all, I'm currently working full time as a RN, but completed my masters (FNP) in summer 2016. Graduation coincided with the birth of my first child, so the idea of switching jobs at that point was not something I was thinking about. I generally enjoy my current job, and the hours are very flexible/convenient for my family, but I do have the itch to get a move on with advancing to the NP role, as I worked pretty hard for it over an almost 4 year period. My dilemma is as follows: I see myself having another child in the next year - does it make sense to stick with my current job where I am generally fulfilled, have opportunities for advancement as a RN, flexible schedule, and put off a NP job for another year or so? As long as I stay in the game, will i be able to find a job when I"m ready, or will I be seen as someone who waited too long? :/ Any advice or similar experiences appreciated!
  2. Riles241

    NYC average RN Salary

    I agree. As someone who will be soon seeking a new grad job, I'm perfectly content with starting at 70k. Everyone has a different lifestyle, but I disagree that earning 70k a year is "barely doable" in NYC. If you're looking to support a family or are used to a very high standard of living I understand, but for people living on their own or with a significant other or roommates, I think its adequate. Many of my friends living in NY and Brooklyn work in jobs that pay between 35-50k a year and while they aren't living friviously, they're certainly not just scraping by. I just felt the need to put that out there. As someone who is not originally from NY but has lived here for years, I am constantly questioned about how I'm able to manage it here from people at home. Is it expensive? Absolutely, but all things considered I can't imagine living anywhere else.
  3. Riles241

    NYU accelerated nursing students/applicants

    Hi. I'm a student in the accelerated program now. I think you have a good shot. You have good grades in your other classes so I wouldn't worry TOO MUCH about one C - esp if you have strong reccomendations and a decent essay.
  4. I purchased all of my books either brand new or "like new" from Amazon and for me it was a little over $100 less than if you were to just buy them all through the NYU bookstore.
  5. Riles241

    NYC area BSN Programs: Everything you ever wanted to know

    SUNY Downstate is definitely harder to get into than NYU. SUNY had like 400 applications this past year for 50 spots I heard. It was also my first choice because it was accelerated and really inexpensive, but I didn't get in. I did get into NYU and am starting this fall. NYU has a much larger class size to accomodate more students, but has the private school price tag which a lot of students avoid. From the people I spoke with that were accepted to SUNY, i found that they were mostly older students (not just a few years out of college) who had a ton of experience in healthcare one way or another.
  6. Riles241

    Need a non-certified private loan ASAP

    I have a certified private loan and was asking for about 10 grand more than I actually needed to cover the remainder of tuition & fees and was worried they would deny it, but they didn't. Most schools understand you will have living expenses that you need to cover while in school full time. My school told me they have a budget for living expenses and basically will certify anything up to a certain amount - what they feel is necessary. It was actually much more than I actually needed so they weren't cheap about it. I understand your problem about having to wait for the refund to come back. Did they actually tell you it would take until October? Look to see if your school offers "direct deposit" so when they've taken the money they need from you for the semester they will disperse your refund that way as opposed to check by mail. It will be MUCH faster.
  7. Riles241

    Question about titers and shots

    I went to my general physician who has to fill out my school paperwork. He gave me the order to get the blood titers at a lab.
  8. Riles241

    Question about titers and shots

    You have to have the titers done first and then that'll determine if you need boosters. I had titers done for MMR, Hep B and Varicella and they determined I had no immunity to varicella and about 95% immunity to Hep B so I'm getting a booster for that. My last Hep B shot was in 2002.
  9. Riles241

    NYU Accelerated BSN Fall 2009

    I've moved within NYC 3 times since I've been here and each time I haven't been able to find apartments until the month before I planned on moving - that's generally how things on Craigslist work. So if you're looking for a place for September 1st, things will start popping up after August 1st. I know September 1st may be cutting it a bit close, but generally rents are higher here during the summer months. There's a lot of students graduating from college and moving to the city, etc. There can be quite a difference depending on where you're looking if you search for September rents as opposed to August. If you're dead set on living near Washington Square Park you might be better off living in on campus housing, unless your able to share an apt with a couple other people - that area is pretty pricey.
  10. Riles241

    NYU Accelerated BSN Fall 2009

    Don't worry, it's not as bad as it looks. I definitely felt that way too before I started getting the paperwork taken care of. First off, the doctor doesn't need to fill out 10 pages worth of information, it's really only like 3 of those pages (or 4 if you're refusing the Hep B vaccine). I live in NYC now and it was easiest for me to go to my old doctor in MA who had all my records. The biggest pain for me is having to get the varicella vaccine, which it turns out i'm not immune to. I tried to get the shot a the DOH here but they won't give it to adults, only young children. I'm going to have to go BACK to MA to get the vaccine from a hospital there.. Anywho if you're going to a doctor you've never seen before it should be okay. He's going to have to give you a physical anyways, as the form requests that. He'll prob just give you the TDap and TB shot if you don't have documentation of having it, and the titers to see if you need the shots for varicella or HepB. If you've had the menengitus shot within the past 10 years you won't need that. It'll probably be more annoying to pay for the shots if you're uninsured than it is to get the paperwork filled out.
  11. Riles241

    NYU Accelerated BSN Fall 2009

    Does anyone else feel overwhelmed? Like thinking that they won't get everything they need done in time? I'm pretty nuts about getting stuff done asap, so the fact that I can't even register until my deposit is in is killing me. I can't give it to them until next week and I feel like i'm going to get screwed over with all the leftovers for classes/clinicals.
  12. Riles241

    NYU Accelerated BSN Fall 2009

    Update! I called Financial Aid and spoke to a really nice guy and explained my situation. He said he would get back to me later today with the information I needed, and he did! So it's official, I'm going to NYU! The ID number they put on all of my materials was the not ID number they used when putting together my financial aid information which is weird, but the reason that I could not access it via the website. Next question: Anyone already living in NY thats going to school in the fall? I don't have health insurance in NY and need to take care of those health forms - they're intimidating! Is it easier to take care of than it looks? I'm thinking of looking to the NY Dept of Health to see if they can cover those vaccines. See you guys in the fall :)
  13. Riles241

    NYU Accelerated BSN Fall 2009

    Hi guys! I found out I got in to NYU's 15 month program today. I wasn't expecting it and have already put some money into another school that I was planning on going to in the fall (probably still am - LIU). I pretty much have to decide by tomorrow what I'm doing in order to salvage some refunds. I really need to find out about my financial aid with NYU - did anyone else have problems accessing their aid status on NYU's website? When i enter my student ID it says it doesn't exist?? This is all very sudden and I don't know if its worth trying to pull off. As someone who lives in NYC already, I can tell you that if you have the time to put in looking for off campus housing, definitely try because if you live with roommates you can definitely save money rather than chucking over 17 grand for a dorm. I live in Brooklyn (a nice area) and spend much less than that a year in rent.
  14. Riles241

    what have you heard about LIU nursing program?

    Thats funny you say that because when I was in the office registering, girls kept coming by and asking the advisor what the hell was going on with WebCT, because they weren't able to register and were getting nervous. I was lucky enough to get my schedule week days only this semester, but who knows for the other three. Thanks for letting me know about the clinical sites though.
  15. Riles241

    what have you heard about LIU nursing program?

    Can I ask you guys where some of your clinicals have been so far? Have you been in manhattan, or do you know of students ahead of you that have clinicals in manhattan? Are the assignments randomly chosen for a student?
  16. Riles241

    what have you heard about LIU nursing program?

    On my letter it said May 1st.