North shore-LIJ Critical care fellowship 2015 oct

  1. I know there has been a lot of talk about this fellowship, but I would like to know 1 is it a paid fellowship and if so how much do they pay. Also has anyone recently been through it? how was it? is it difficult and how were the nurses on the floor in the MICU- Manhasset? Just any in-sight would be nice. I want to know what im getting myself into... Thanks for any responses

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  3. by   dee789
    It is paid, I am a current ED fellow. I don't really want to reveal salary but they pay competitively (plus every facility varies a bit). I am not in the MICU so I can't comment on that, but we are still in "phase 1" which consists of classroom time and some days on the floor. The first 2 1/2 months is a lot of work and feels like you are back in school, but not too overwhelming. So far I am very satisfied, but I have a long ways to go and don't have any experience with any of their ICUs.

    Good luck!
  4. by   deepa377
    How do we apply? I don't see any link to click. Can any one help me. Thanks in advance
  5. by   nursingstudentjess
    The postings were already taken down .. they put them up and take them down quickly. You have to closely watch out for them or research when their new classes being. By doing a quick google search of nursing fellowships north Shore lij you should be able to find the information.
  6. by   bluepeachez36
    It looks like they took down the application, but heres some info on it North Shore-LIJ Extern & Fellowship & Programs | Learn More

    they dates that they are
    Proposed 2015 Start Dates: January 26; April 20; July 20 and October 12
    so id look for application opening at least a month before, that's what I did.
  7. by   bluepeachez36
    What was your second and 3rd interview like ? what kind of questions did they ask? I don't mean to ask so many questions? im just so curious and would like to be prepared. and what days are class days?
  8. by   dee789
    Second interview was very very laid back, I met with the director of the ED and she really just explained the fellowship to me and asked me if I had any questions. But I have to stress this is very very facility and unit dependent, as people I have met doing the fellowship in other units and hospitals all had different experiences. Some had panel interviews, some didn't, etc.

    "Phase 1" consists of lectures, simulation and some "clinical days." We have lecture maybe 2-3 days per week on average. After Phase 1 (which lasts about 12 weeks) we will be precepting, and won't have class days per se although we still have some classes occasionally, like ACLS.
  9. by   bluepeachez36
    Ahhhh I well, only way to find out is for me to go to the second interview, see what happens Thanks for the information
  10. by   Angm
    I applied to the critical care fellowship for oct 12 in manhasset . Has anyone received a call yet? There impossible to contact!! Thank you
  11. by   bluepeachez36
    I'm going for my second interview next week. I don't know what to expect. I just hope it's what I'm looking for and the expectations are reasonable.
  12. by   Jasmin910
    Hey, I went on one interview with the Nurse Recruiter and applied online for the fellowship. I haven't gotten a second call. Is it safe to say I haven't gotten it? I just want to know for my peace of mind. Good luck to you!
  13. by   RNzooks
    Hello! I just received a call this afternoon from the recruiter for an interview tomorrow morning . That definitely means they're still looking lol so i wouldn't say you're out just yet! How did the first interview go? I'm trying to prepare the best I can on relatively short notice. Thanks! Good luck everyone!
  14. by   Jasmin910
    I thought it went really well which is why i am kinda bummed to not hear back. The interview was Very basic, review a very standard head to toe. Is this your first or second interview? Good luck!!