New York Presbyterian PHARM EXAM! - page 11

i am feeling overwhelming with the studying of the drugs that columbia wanted us to know. i understand knowing the side effects are important. but do they really ask you about drug interaction and... Read More

  1. by   dipika216
    Hey everyone, I have been accepted a position at NYP-Columbia in the PICU. I am suppose to start aug 6th but I am really nervous about the pharmacology exam. I take it in a week and wanted to know if anyone could help me out and pass along the study guide. Also any helpful hints would be wonderful.

    For those of you who have already taken it, when you dont pass the first time was the exam the same second time around? Did the print out they gave you after your first attempt help you study for the second time?

    Please help me out someone. I am really nervous and need to pass.
  2. by   jaifra7
    Hi ebonny, thank u so much for all your post. Can u send me the pharm guide please. I'm taking the pharm exam in 3 weeks. I will be hired as long as I pass the pharm test for rn. Thank you so much. My email is
  3. by   myRN85
    Just wondering if anyone took the test recently, and how they did? was the NLN guide sufficient? I will be taking the exam in a few weeks and I need all the help I can get! Any insight will be greatly appreciated.
  4. by   FreestylePete
    I will be taking the exam in a few weeks for NYP Columbia. I bought the Review book which I think will help me but I cant find a good study guide. Any pointers from people that passed the test?
  5. by   myRN85
    Hi FreestylePete, Which review book did you purchase? Can you post a link pls? I'm taking the test in a couple weeks and I'm getting nervous!
  6. by   FreestylePete
    What unit will you be working for? It is the book they recommended to use. Its Prentice Hall: Pharmacology Reviews and Rationals 2008 Edition. It comes with a CD but I havent used it yet.
  7. by   myRN85
    Thanks! I will be working in the ed at cornell. They didnt recommend a book to me.
  8. by   happydreamer
    Hi I've been accept at NYP Colombia ER and doing the pharm exam in 3 days!!! Does anyone have a practice test they can email me on

    Would be of great help as I don't know how I'm going to pull this off!!!

  9. by   jaifra7
    I never received the pharm information from ebony, sorry that I cannot help anyone out. good luck you all.
  10. by   dariah
    Lasix and heparin are bound to show up. Study side effects of beta blockers, ACE inhibitors, statins.
  11. by   maryc119
    Hello! I am to take the pharmacolgy exam next week but I was never given a list of meds or a cheat sheet to study. Does anyone have any suggestions of a place where I those as well as take a practice exam or any of you who have taken it know where I could find some helpful material? I bought the Prentice hall reviews and rationals book. To read through the whole book is just overwhelming. I am going to attempt to get through all the questions. PLEASE HELP ME!!