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Hi all, I am going to graduate in December and plan on moving to NYC. I was just wondering if there are any recent grads out there who can tell me about their experience with job hunting,... Read More

  1. by   kkaatt
    im from the philippines and Im currently waiting for my att. I was planning to go to ny after I pass the exam and look for training hospitals that would accept me. if out of state nurses are having a hard time looking for jobs, what more from other country? *panic* what should I do? need advice!
  2. by   Infinitee07_RN
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    I am a recent graduate living in Long Island, NY and yes NY does let new grads work on a permit for one year while you prepare for your boards. I am a BSN nurse who graduated 2 years ago. NY Cities salaries are a little higher then Long Island pending on where you are going to work? The base in Long Island is any where between 62-65K, plus ed diff and increasing experience as years go by. I beleive the city is in the high 70s and 80s, possibly higher, where are you moving to? If you have any questions let me know. What hospitals are you applying to and just remember although you are a new nurse there is a national shortage, so don't just accept the 1st position go on multiple interviews and choose the best and if you want med surg do med surg if you don't you can get specialty areas, go for what you want. I was offered NICU, ER and ICU and med surg. I did med surg for the past 2 years and then last month I just switched to ER and I also became a SANE nurse this year. Again if you have any questions let me know and I wish you the best of luck
    where in LI do you live? and how pricey are the 1br b/f and I are planning on relocating to LI just b/c it's more quite and hospitals pay new nurses well in my opinion..i'm trying to find a 1 br in LI probably nassau cb/c my b/f will be working in manhattan or Bk ..PLEASE let me know how to go about can PM me if you'd like..