New Grad RN, BSN - NYP!!!

  1. hello all,

    i'm new to! i will be graduating with my bsn this month of may! i went to a school in nj. can anyone please share, in a nutshell, how they applied to nyp? and if they were successful and got an offer? does applying online cut it? i'm just scared because i have 0 experience and have not had an externship/preceptorship at all.
    i have a family member who works at nyp-columbia as an rn,bsn. i'm in love with nyp...i would love to work here.

    can anyone share who currently works there, or is applying there, if they hire new grads? i know they have a new grad opening on the online careers website. does mchony hire new grads? peds er? peds cardiology? please, if you can share i'd appreciate it.
    feeling a little discouraged, because some of my friends already have jobs as rn,bsn, even before taking their nclex/pinning/graduation!

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  3. by   Dakeirus
    I'm going to be direct with you. The chances of you getting into NYP with no healthcare experience, no externship, nor a preceptorship over there is slim to none. I had plenty from my class who applied there and got rejected. One did their preceptorship there and have worked as a CNA but still got rejected.

    However, do still try. You do have a pro going for you. Ask your family member to vouch for you they know any managers or know someone who knows someone. That's pretty the only way you'd get an interview at a hospital these days.
  4. by   PRNketamine7
    I agree with the post above. I am a new grad also, and I just got an offer from NYP. I have had two tech positions (not at NYP). It will be hard for them to consider you if you haven't had an externship, or at least experience as a CNA.
    They have openings for new grads in peds in Cornell (that is where I am starting), but I heard that MSCH cancelled their new grad orientation for PICU. Not sure about the rest.
    You should try to use your family member to your advantage. Their website says they look at employee recommendations.
    Let me know if you have any other questions

    Good luck in your search!
  5. by   meluvsquki
    I currently work at NYP as a nursing attendant. I did apply to their waitlist on their external website the second day it was up and got a call back to set up an interview with the PICU.
    My understanding is that NYP Columbia fills new grad programs with internal applicants first.
    And then with whatever positions left over they fill with external applicants.
    If you have a familly member who is an NYP employee, ask him/her to speak with the unit manager about you.
    I maintained a good relationship with mine and should be receiving an offer soon
    Even if you don't start out in CHONY you can always transfer!
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  6. by   newgradJR
    Hi Dakeirus,

    Thanks so much for your comment. I def understand that it's hard w/o any clinical experience, outside of clinical rotations from nursing school. It's just hard because I feel like experience is all that hospitals look at. If they could just give me a chance!

    I finally graduated about 2 weeks ago! Yeah, NYP is definitely competitive.

    Yes, I've been asking my family member to speak to his Nurse Mgr on his unit it's worth a try. Hopefully I'll get to send my resume and cover letter in the near future.

  7. by   newgradJR
    Hey esc_newnurse!

    Thanks so much for your comment! Wow congrats on your offer! Did you accept the offer? Really happy for you.

    Yeah, I understand that no experience will make it tough for them to hire me. :/ But how can I gain experience, if no one is willing to hire me? Don't you have to gain experience first to actually have experience? I probably don't make sense .

    Did you happen to apply online for the position? I just am in need of some help of how those who applied to NYP were successful and how did they apply?

    Thanks so much!!! hope to stay in touch with you! Yessss, I am speaking to my family member about it to hopefully put in a good word for me at his unit.
  8. by   newgradJR
    Thanks meluvsquki for you help/comment!

    That's so great that you are already working there internally. Are you a new grad BSN also?
    Yeah, I'm pretty sure that new grad programs fill with internal applicants first...I know a few other hospitals near where I live that do the same. :T

    Just like I said to the other replies, yes, I will be speaking with my family member to hopefully put in a good word for me on his unit/Nurse Mgr.

    I just want to work at NYPH so bad!!!! I was born there and everytime I visited, ever since I was little, I grew so fond of this hospital. It is my dream to work at NYP, whether it is at MCHONY or Cornell or Columbia!
  9. by   Proverbs 16:3
    Apply online. I suggest using IE instead of chrome for their application. It may have been the day I applied but the system kept resetting when i used chrome and had to switch to IE. I've logged in since with chrome to check the status as i got a few notifications from the recruitment team.
    Just work on your resume, write a good Cover letter and fill out the app accurately. I'm not sure if they take applications in person. Their turnaround time has been pretty quick so far. The first step is applying and taking that test. I've read post here where some nurses with experience took that battery test and failed and then there are new grads who took it and passed. It's more of a personality/behavioral assessment.
    Good luck.
  10. by   newgradJR
    How do you know if you have passed or failed the Battery Assessment?

    Just wondering Proverbs! TIA.

    I notice that you have been replying to my posts often, just wanted to say thanks for your input. You've provided a lot of insight!
  11. by   Da_Milk_of_Amnesia
    Even with ICU/ER, over 10+ years of EMS experience it took me close to 6 months and about 13 applications to finally get an interview. Good luck.
  12. by   kbRN14
    Does anyone know how long NYP considers nurses a "new graduate". I graduated last may 2012 and have been working an RN for 8 months now in a high risk ante/high risk postpartum and GYN surgical floor. I am looking to make the move to NYP, but do not know if I should be applying for new graduate opportunity positions or should be applying for "regular" RN postings. Do you need to have 1 year experience to apply? any help is appreciated. Thank you!
  13. by   Da_Milk_of_Amnesia
    In all honesty you are probably better off waiting the 4 months and have a full calendar year. I think it makes your resume look a little better than only being at your first job for 8 months. It may raise some questions. After you have a full year then apply to wherever you want. Honestly, if you want ICU it would be a good idea to have a year or 2 somewhere before you try going down there, because I worked there for 2 years and their ICUs are no joke, and if you dont have a good foundation of ICU nursing you'll find yourself just doing things because you're told to do it and not understanding the 'why' of what you doing. And not understanding the 'why' is a good way to kill someone. If you don't want ICU when apply for whatever position you want. You are gonna have to read the requirements for whatever job it is that you are applying for. It will stipulate what you need in the job description. And just so you know, NYP/Columbia is Unionized with NYSNA, and Cornell is NOT Union. Despite them being in the same system there are differences between the campuses. Good Luck. NYP/CUMC is an awesome place to work, I loved it there and I had an fricking incredible crew I worked with. The work is hard but the experience and knowledge you gain in priceless. Good Luck.
  14. by   StudentNurs2015
    Reading this 2 years later and I will have the same issue. I would love to work at NYP. Are you working there now? Any advice for the new grad nurse? I will be graduating in May 2015 :-)