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has anyone attended this program? i take the entrance test in april and i dont know what to expect. is it very hard? is this program any good?... Read More

  1. by   missdiorcherie
    Thanks again for the info Poettree! Im on it asap.
  2. by   lancedac
    Hi Poettree,

    I finally got to hand in my packet yesterday. I tried last week but they were on Spring Break. I also did the writing sample but no interviews were done. They said they will call when ready. I think that was because the main person responsible is not back yet. So I am waiting. I will give them a week tops and start hollering at them if I don't hear anything.

    I wonder when they will start sending out acceptance letters? I know two people from a few years ago who never got their letters and had to turn up at Mid Manhattan at the start of school to find out what was up. And, of course, they were on the list and started that day. Just shows you have to be proactive and not fall through any cracks.
  3. by   poettree

    That;s great that you handed in your application already--takes most of the pressure off. Now we just need to wait and hope for the best. As for the acceptance letters, the director of the program told me to wait till June because that's when they begin mailing them out. I feel that makes sense being that the last exams were just administered last week. She also said that applications are not rejected or denied based on when they are received. They are evaluated once the application pool is complete. I am going to wait till mid-June before calling them otherwise I'm sure they'll tell me to call me back.
  4. by   lancedac
    What the director told you makes sense and is only fair. Thanks for sharing. Once my interview is done I will join the anxiously waiting queue. Let's keep in touch.
  5. by   poettree
    They told you you have to come back for an interview? The interview is very informal...i wasn't asked about why i wanted to do nursing or anything pertaining to the program itself since all that info was already in my essay. It was more to find out if you have working experience in the health field in order to see if you qualify for sponsorship.
  6. by   lancedac
    I don't know but I was expecting to be interviewed, but all she did was check my packet and have me do the writing sample. So I asked about the interview and she said she cannot say because Dr. (Can't remember the name) needs to review my packet, look at the titers etc and then they will contact me re the interview. So I concluded that they weren't yet back to normal operations from the holiday and so wasn't doing any same day interviews. Others who completed their essays left as well.
  7. by   Paulaf

    I passed the CNET test with a percentile of 92%

    Reading 33/40
    math 50/50
    Language ability 57/60

    I got the perfect scores of 12.9 for the TABE test. I submitted my application on Tuesday. The very kind lady who took my package told me that Dr. (I cannot remember her name) will review the package and call me for the interview. I had to write a three-paragraph essay on why I would like to be a nurse.

    I went to the American Heart Association for the CPR. I registered for May 13. I hope they will call me soon. I asked to be enrolled on the Brooklyn Campus as it is only two blocks away from where I live.

    Good luck to all of you. I hope all of us will be accepted!
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  8. by   missdiorcherie
    Congrats Paulaf! I did the TABE yesterday & also got 12.9 on every section. So off to get my packet together! I do hope we all get in...
  9. by   poettree
    This website states that we're not allowed to post names of faculty members involved, therefore Paulaf, could you kindly remove the faculty member's name that you have posted. It's mainly for confidentiality and the safety of those involved.

    On another note: CONGRATS Paulaf on doing so well on both exams. You're definitely going to get in =) I may be moving to brooklyn and if I get in, might be doing the brooklyn location as well. Either way, I hope we all get in!
  10. by   Paulaf
    Hi Poettree,

    I don't know how to delete my previous post. I have sent an e-mail to the administrator of the website. Please explain to me how to delete the post. I did not mean to hurt or offense anybody. I apologize to all of you for my mistake.

  11. by   poettree
    Oh no! you definitely did not offend anyone. I just wanted to inform my fellow prospective lpns =) As for deleting the name I'm not quite sure how to do that...I just know that in the past people would write the faculty members names in this context: "Dr. ****** said that ....."
  12. by   poettree

    Keep me updated when you have handed in your applications. I am curious as to your take on the interview!
  13. by   missdiorcherie
    Hey all... I did my interview this week and I believe it went great! Heres hoping we all get in...