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has anyone attended this program? i take the entrance test in april and i dont know what to expect. is it very hard? is this program any good?... Read More

  1. by   dollbw
    I am doing mine tomorrow morning. It's $75.00. Other places are from $80-100+
  2. by   JWEMT
    free from work ! =)
  3. by   skinnymelt
    I'm doing mine tomorrow.They only want Red Cross or American Heart Assn.
  4. by   Libra1012
    Congrats to all accepted...I still have a question about SBS...I have completed my Red Cross it cost me $80.
  5. by   Libra1012
    In regards to the uniform, last year Brooklyn student wore navy scrubs. I think they only had to wear nursing shoes for the clinicals.
  6. by   Libra1012
    I really hope I get into Brooklyn because it is closer to me...

    Anyone dropping if they don't get the location they want, I will stay in...it will just take a lot easier if I get my first choice.
  7. by   dollbw
    Hi, What school were you accepted to? Did you get scholarship for Goldwater?
  8. by   po_kras
    How was registrations today? details please :typing
  9. by   dollbw
    Hi, po kras

    It wasn't bad at all. We were registered within an hour. Then they gave us vouchers to get our uniforms, it's navy blue.
    I'll be attending Brooklyn. I believe tomorrow is only for SBS scholarship--for Goldwater program. Anyway, It was a lot of running around for me--hot. Got my uniforms--wish it was better feeling and looking-LOL.

    Anyway, I'm happy that I at least got in. Can't wait.
  10. by   dollbw
    Also, Po kas

    Do you have the website info. for SBS sponsership?
  11. by   po_kras
    Nope...ive been trying to find it for weeks. Was there any mention of it at your registration? Also how are the uniforms...just regular scrubs?
  12. by   JWEMT
    so is sbs and goldwater the same? cause i know i don't qualify for goldwater. but i got a letter for sbs
  13. by   Libra1012
    Same here...I guess we will find out tomorrow.