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has anyone attended this program? i take the entrance test in april and i dont know what to expect. is it very hard? is this program any good?... Read More

  1. by   po_kras
    i dont think they have assigned any locations yet. thats probably what the registration/orientation on auguest 20th is for.

    Just got my acceptance letterwas wondering if anyone had mention of the scholarship in theirs?
  2. by   po_kras
    also does anyone know what kind of CPR class must be taken for this program (family&friends,heartsaver, or bLS)?
  3. by   dollbw
    I just recieved my letter also. It mentioned that the fee is $2,400. $1,200 has to be paid by the registration date of August 19th.

    What location were you all given for registration(I'm Goldwater)?
    And for the CPR-American Heart Assoc. Health care provider is all it states.
  4. by   JWEMT
    I think we need to scan these up lol. There was nothign about money on mine. I think there are two letters either scholarship or pay
  5. by   dollbw
    Did you apply for the Goldwater Hosp. program?
  6. by   dollbw
    Add. to above.

    The Goldwater Hosp. has the scholarship program with strings attached. Brooklyn/Manhattan is your own payments and no strings.

    Is anyone registering at Goldwater OR is there other locations??
  7. by   po_kras
    Mine didn't say anything about money. I think the general registration is on 8/20 at goldwater. Please let us know if you have a varying form. I'm very curious as to what the situation is
  8. by   JWEMT
    my aim is johnw3515 anybody wanna talk lol
  9. by   skinnymelt
    Has anyone tracked their certified mail to Goldwater-10044?
    My mail keeps going to 10017.
  10. by   dollbw
    my letter stated that registration is on august 19th and half the amount must be paid by then.
    maybe august 20th is for the people who got accepted to the goldwater hosp. program--since that's the only one with a scholarship.

    hey, skinnymelt--what certified mail? for what?

    hey, pro kas and jwemt-- did you apply for goldwater hosp. program?? you said your letter didn't state anything about money.
  11. by   po_kras
    At the interview I said that it would be my first choice although I wasn't sure if I qualified so I said I would want the mahattan location. I guess ill know in a few weeks. Anyone else have mention of the payment?
  12. by   skinnymelt
    There must be different letters going out. I had to fax in the acceptance letter and send one back certified mail. It also states the balance must be paid by January. I guess we'll know Aug.20
  13. by   dollbw
    Yup definitely different letters going out. I faxed my own over also. It said to fax on one page then the other page said certified mail<---not sure if it's neccesary to mail. Yeah and my letter also said the final balance must be paid by Jan. 2010 with a deposit on registration day.

    But August 19th I'll find out since you guys are the following day.