Is anyone attending Suffolk Community College

  1. I am doing my pre-reqs now and hope to get into the Fall 08 program. Any feedback whether positive or negative would be appreciated!

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  3. by   Lammmster
    I am on the Brentwood campus, will be done by May 2008, anything i can help you with let me know...
  4. by   NurseRock
    I am a senior nursing student at the Ammerman Campus, which campus do you attend? I took most of my pre reqs at that campus as well. Need anything let me know!
  5. by   Michael076
    That's great and good luck with getting into the program. I will be graduating in December of 2008. My advice is try to do everything in your power to get A's in those 4 core prereq classes such as A&P 1 + 2, Micro, and the other one forget the name.

    They should make the requirements less objective and more subjective in my oppinion. Well good luck and if you need any advice on studying and the like I could lend a hand.

    I think the program is great but you may want to get a job as a nursing assistant because there is never enough clinical time. Plus it helps boost your confidence during clinicals.
  6. by   Lammmster
    If you need any help let me know I finish next year

    Quote from Mom2J&B
    I am doing my pre-reqs now and hope to get into the Fall 08 program. Any feedback whether positive or negative would be appreciated!

  7. by   bethany329
    I am a student at Selden. How is the competition getting into the program, I am already a graduate there, but returning to school. Just now taking my pre-req's.........What happens if you do good in 3 out of the 4 prereq. I am concerned, my think of trying stonybrook, since i already have my 2 year?? any thoughts / advice
  8. by   Michael076
    If I were you I would apply to both Stony Brook and Suffolk. If you get accepted to both go to Stony Brook and get your BSN directly. Call them and make an appointment to see what prereqs you need for Stony Brook or check website. I met with the assistant Dean Phil Tarrantino(I think thats his name) real nice guy and explains everything clearly. I have a previous Bachelors so I wanted stony brook but one of my letters of recommendation was recieived to late. For Stony Brook you may need organic Chem and take Physics as well because it makes you look more attractive as a candidate. You may want to get a part time job/volunteer as well. Again don't quote me on prereqs for stony brook you have to look into that. For Suffolk try to get above at least a 3.5 between all 4 of those classes although nothing is guaranteed. If your GPA is weak find out about the hospital partnership program between suffolk and the 5-7 local hospitals then get a job at one of those Hospitals - this is a round about way of getting in if your grades are not up to par. Basically the Hospital will pay for your school with a commitment to work their afterwards and grades are not as much a factor for this specific program.....Good Luck and please repond with any ?????'S

  9. by   IT2RN
    I'm a 2nd semester student at the Ammerman campus, and I'm having fun so far. I took my preqs at Valencia Comm College in FL (3.86 GPA) , transferred them to SCCC last summer and got in the program on the 1st try. I was accepted to SCCC and SUNY Farmingdale. I chose SCCC because many told me it was an outstanding program. SCCC faculty say the school has the highest NCLEX pass rate in the state. It's a ton of work, but if you're serious and dedicated you'll do well. Concentrate on good grades for the prereqs to get in the program, then once you're in just worry about passing.

    Let me know if you need any more info/advice.
  10. by   whiteoleander5
    I am waiting to get into the Fall 08 program also at Suffolk (Ammerman campus)! I am confident about my grades, but i know how hard it is to get in...But the suffolk program is the only one i applied to. So if i dont get in, I dont know what i am doing...:uhoh21:..but im not trying to think about that. Good luck though...hopefully we both make it
  11. by   dizzyd
    I an attending SCC. I am taking A&P II. I got a C in A&PI. All I have to take is microbio. in the fall. does any one have tips to help me get a better grade in A&P II. How hard is microbio. and any good profs I sholud take. How hard is the nursing program at SCC. any sugestion to help me do good in the program I am applying this sept(08). for the next semester I ques it is the Fall of 09. Thanks fron a worried student:caduceus:
  12. by   rob123
    Quote from Lammmster
    I am on the Brentwood campus, will be done by May 2008, anything i can help you with let me know...
    I am taking ap2 got a c in a+p 1 and am concerned as to what grades actually get you in the program or is there a cut off point.probably have take ap1 over.any tips to do well in apII. THANKS
  13. by   rob123
    HI I am taking a+pII doing well,however I got a c in A+PI
    an a and b+ in the other two would like to know if anyone who knows more than ido what I need to do to get in the program orwhat grades people on this website are getting in with rob123 thanks
  14. by   dizzyd
    have any good study notes or any good study tips I just took my 1st A&PII test and I got a 74. need to do better. We are working on the respiratory system. any key things to help me with this topic. Looking for help