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  1. by   Aimmm
    Where you able to get a job after having graduated from Sam? Or did you have a hard time being that they're not nln accredited ?
  2. by   Gin Gin
    Hi again Aimmm...nope, I had a job within 3 weeks of graduating....I also believe that the school is now accredited ...I would suggest that experience is more important than what school you went to when employers are considering you for hire....try & get as much experience as you can, such as working as a tech or cna...the pay usually stinks, but you get valuable experience that can't be replaced...good luck!
  3. by   Aimmm
    They're not accredited. I just don't want to be limited as to where I can work or what positions I can get. I plan to get my bsn through Russell sage do you know if that degree would override the adn from a non accredited school?
  4. by   olliecat
    I just wanted to step in here in defense of HVCC. It is a large and sometimes impersonal program, yes, but the professors really do care and you're not just a number. If you're on the quiet side, like I am, you may have to speak up in class to be noticed, but in the smaller clinical setting, instructors do get to know you.

    As for lab times, yes labs are large, but there are tons of open lab hours and an exceptionally helpful dedicated instructor to help you with skills in the lab during open hours, which are plentiful.

    Most of the attrition numbers stated here are wrong. In my graduating class, about 52% of the people who started with me graduated with me. Plenty more dropped out/failed a class at an earlier time for whatever reason and repeated one. So the two year graduation rate is just over 50%, and the overall graduation rate is higher, though I don't know that number.

    Yes, we have CPE's, and yes they're scary, but they really make you make sure your clinical skills are up to snuff.

    I've never worked as a tech or similar, and I have a job I'll be starting in June. Everyone I've spoken to outside the school loves Hudson Valley grads and speaks highly of us in terms of clinical and critical thinking skills. HVCC has a great nursing school with great caring instructors.

    Bottom line, if you prefer to know everyone you're going to school with, from the instructors to the students, HVCC is not for you. If you don't mind working your ass off and want the most affordable nursing education at a well respected school, with pass rates at or above the rest of the schools in the area, consider HVCC.
  5. by   Ashkins529
    I will be attending HVCC in the fall and *crosses fingers* the nursing program fall 12. They are making some changes this coming fall (11) to the nursing program that I think are good things. One is to add a 1 our lab/practice class. I don't have the brochure that is dated 4/11 in my sight to quote from. The website has not been updated with the new information.
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  6. by   dandk1997RN
    HVCC is a good program. It is a hard program. But in my mind, if I am successful in a hard program, I have a better chance of knowing what I am doing when I am done. And I totally agree with Olliecat- the clinical specialist, Mr. *., is awesome. I go in on Saturdays and learn everything I need to know from him- he is very patient and very willing to work with you if you actually make an effort.

    As for knowing all my classmates, I have made many good friends so far. Each semester and each clinical rotation, I meet a lot of great new people (and a couple people I don't care that much for, too.) But does that make my school better or worse than any other? No. Don't get me wrong, but my friends don't contribute to my success, and I'd probably prefer not to know every classmate all that well, simply because when this is all done, I'm going to have to compete with them for jobs.

    I am really proud of the work I am doing in school when people ask me what program I am in and then tell me, "Wow, that's a hard program." Yes indeed, it is. And I work my butt off to do well- I have truly earned my good grades.

    Bottom line- like any school, HVCC has its problems (like certain RIs) but it is a good school with a good nursing program.
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  7. by   dandk1997RN
    Quote from Gin Gin
    My first-hand experience w/ HVCC...great program. Very thorough + demanding. That said, the 30 or so recent graduates were from classes that were originally 175+ when they began. I know of two recent almost grads who missed by 1 and 2 points! 2 years of very hard work to not make it by 1 point....A very high drop out not even attempt this program if you intend to work or have other time consuming issues. Try Ellis/Samaritan/Memorial/Sage before you try HVCC....just my .02

    I want to challenge this sentiment. I just finished up my first year in the nursing program at HVCC. I work full time, commute two hours a day, homeschool my child, take her to out-of-town gymnastic meets nearly every weekend during the school year, and go to school. I get good grades. It just requires a lot of dedication, a lack of sleep, great organization, an understanding family, and a lot of studying (even listening to lectures in the car and doing homework during lunch at work.) But it IS possible. Maybe not for everyone, but it isn't hopeless. It isn't easy and I wouldn't necessarily recommend my schedule to people less stubborn than myself, but it is possible to be successful even when busy.