Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC

  1. Good day! Anyone working in HSS? I am very interested about this hospital because it is the first Magnet hospital in NYC. However, due to the hospital's size, I would expect that the salary that they offer would be lower than the other hospitals in NYC. My other concern is the working environment of the hospital, is it good and tolerable? I have heard that the hospital also has a Clinical Ladder and that is a plus for the salary.

    Does the hospital gives bonuses and market increase? Is the orientation program efficient? Those are just some of my concerns at this time.
    My main concerns are: I want to be in a hospital where I could learn and grow most and of course, be justly compensated.:spin:
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  3. by   je55icaabr
    Anyone here that can tell me about working at the HOspital for Special Surgery? in nyc. I need advice I just got a job offer and I dont know whether or not to accept and leave my current job. Help!!!!!!!!
  4. by   UpliftingRN
    did either of you end up getting any info on HSS? i have an interview there next week and would appreciate any info!!!
  5. by   qtRN
    Hi! What unit are you going to work in?
  6. by   qtRN
    People in HSS are friendly and has good tuition reimbursement programs. I think there's 10k for Bachelors, 12k for Masters and Doctorate (you might have to double check because this might have increased or decreased). For salary, I think it is competitive enough because they have differential rate for your degree and certifications which add up even it is just cents/hr. However, the hospital solely focuses on orthopedics and rheumatology as stated in their website. The hospital is also #1 in the nation for orthopedics. It is a very small hospital which gives you like a family atmosphere but could be detrimental for several reasons. If you're new to nursing or have been practicing nursing for a year or less, I suggest that you go to a general hospital to give you more exposure of the different areas of care. This hospital serves population in need or have undergone hip, knees, foot, hand, spine, shoulder, and elbow surgeries, etc.
  7. by   UpliftingRN
    thank you for the info! i was starting to believe no one on the forum worked there because i couldn't find any information about it! i am interviewing for a position within one of the in-patient units. my interview is next week then im taking the nclex the following week! this will be my first job but during my nursing program clinicals i was exposed to nearly every area of nursing and surgery is definately where my is. i do want some type of floor experience first so that is why i felt in-patient in an all surgery hospital would be ideal for me. do you know the likely hood of being able to transfer to the OR from the floor in the future? do you happen to know what their starting salary is right now for a bsn? do you get some weekends/holidays off? what is the patient load like? thanks again for responding
  8. by   mcs293
    Hi, just a quick question... How did you get that job interview? Did you just applied online? Thank you so much!
  9. by   UpliftingRN
    no i didn't apply online. there was a "new york nursing" magazine at my college's academic advising office that had a bunch of hospital contact information and descriptions of the hospitals. hospital for special surgery had an email address listed to send resumes: MinucciJ@HSS.EDU
    i sent my resume there and a recruiter then contacted me .
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  10. by   mcs293
    Thanks! I applied that way too. In how much time she contacted you?
  11. by   qtRN
    if you want to work in the OR,inform Janice Minucci about that as well and she will inform you about the next residency program for the OR. There are no weekends and holidays in the OR. For the floor, there is absolutely some holidays that you have to work and every other weekend. The patient load is 7-8 patients I guess, from what my fellow nurse has told me. I am from the OR that is why.
  12. by   qtRN
    mcs293, usually Janice reply ASAP. She is one of the best recruiters that I have ever encountered with because she replies immediately and updates you with what is happening with your application process.
  13. by   qtRN
    uplifting 508, when you have your interview, Janice will inform you what your salary will be based on your education and experience.
  14. by   AWanderingMinstral
    How does their salary compare to other Manhattan hospitals? I am applying to graduate school in NYC and I will have two years of ortho experience under my belt. Do you know if their tuition benefits start immediately upon hire? Does it HAVE to be in nursing or can it also be a graduate degree in public health? THANKS!