Helene fuld nyc computer entrance exam

  1. Hi I was wondering if anyone has taken the entrance exam for Helene Fuld on the computer, if so is it any different than the written one they use to give?:typing
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  3. by   NYSNOWBUNNY007
    Hey PM me and i will give you some info i just took it back in May did pretty good..if you want anymore info pm me i would be glad to help..Xoxo
  4. by   akanini
    That's good Sue! So you made up your mind to attend?
  5. by   NYSNOWBUNNY007
    yep..im just waiting to get all my ducks in a row...XoXo
  6. by   sunset357
    It depends on your preference I personally like written exams.
  7. by   nathuladula
    hi i just wanna know is there anything bad about this school because i am about to take the test in march 2nd the writting test, how is that test anyway ???
  8. by   NYSNOWBUNNY007
    EVERY school has their own "get on your nerves" thing...this one is no different...it is a very good school...Im in my 2nd term and im doing very well...surprisingly..lol..Im on the deans list...i actually did pretty decent in my LPN program too...but HFCN is pretty good...the only thing i wish were better is their organization...stay on top of your things at all times..other than that...do what you have to do...the writing test is no biggie...they give a simple question and from that you are to develop a 5 paragraph essay...you know..thesis statement etc etc..you must score a 3 to get your "english Class(s)" credit transfered to the school...if you score a 2 if you've taken english already...unfortunately those credits will not transfer..but the 2 will get you accepted to the program...good luck and pm me if you have any further questions on helene...
  9. by   tern
    Did anyone who was suppose to take the exam on monday the 2nd , take it yet? I know school was close because of the snow and wanted to know if you were rescheduled yet. If you did take the exam any info would be welcome :wink2:
  10. by   nanounne01
    I just took the writing exam today. It was fairly simple, basically they ask you a question and you need to answer in essay form. They are not really looking at what you write rather they are more interested in how you write. If you have been to college than this should be so bad.
  11. by   tern
    Thanks for the info. please keep me in touch when you do the 2nd part, would like to know if it's computer format.
  12. by   tern
    Hey anyone taking the essay part of the exam tomorrow, good luck!!
  13. by   nanounne01
    I took the computer portion of the entrance exam yesterday and I must say it was not as easy as I thought it would be. You really should review your basic math skills ie: adding and subtracting fractions,mixed numerals,percents,median mode,varience. Med/Surg nursing is also a big portion and the time just flies by (although I finished with an hour to spare). You also are able to retrieve your results from the website 30 min after the exam is over. No calculators allowed but they give you pencils and scrap paper.
  14. by   nathuladula
    Quote from NYSNOWBUNNY007
    Hey PM me and i will give you some info i just took it back in May did pretty good..if you want anymore info pm me i would be glad to help..Xoxo

    Hi my name is nathuladula and I took the essay test for entrance writting exam and i got a 2 is that bad, what do i do now?