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Hi! Just wondering if anyone know how one can endorse/transfer RN license to NY? I looked on the NY BON website but I don't seem to find a answer. I'm a RN from Massachusetts, worked for over an year... Read More

  1. by   tweety33
    Thanks for the heads up. Does anybody know how the job market is in Jersey?
  2. by   nurseyNJNYC
    jersey's pretty bad too.. especially if youre a new grad with no experience...

    my ny license took a little over two months to process.. with a couple bumps in the road...
    first nj had sent my form back to me because they required a fee to release the information.. so call your state of licensure ahead of time to see if they want money.. second, it was a little over two months with no word yet... so i had contacted nj bon and my school to ask when they had sent in my forms.. turned out that they had sent them two months ago... so i called back the ny licensure dept to check on the status.. they said they had not rec'd the forms... i told them that i had contacted the proper instututions and that they had sent the forms months ago.. so i made them dig through their piles of mail to find my forms... i was licensed that day...

    dont be afraid to follow up with persistence... i had to do the same with the nj BON as well... slackers....
  3. by   edjanine
    hello, im just wondering if the links have been updated for endorsement to new york? because i have a Vermont state license and i want to endorse myself to New york, my credentials are on CVS now and just waiting for the responce. Now, i dont know how to start for my endorsement. anyone who could give me advice? will gladly appreciate it. thanks!
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    CVS takes approx 6 months but you can submit application to NY when ready however it will not be looked at until CVS is sent to them
  5. by   RN2009Belarus
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    I am in the same situation as you. since you got education in another country, I think you need to go through CVS, and it takes a long time.

    I am in exactly the same situation... I worked as RN in TX for a year--but we had to move to NY. I heard horror stories that reevaluation of education and endorsement for foreign graduates takes forever--(up to 8 month) And everything need to be done through CGFNS ... again.... It is NOT FUN....