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  1. Just wanna know if anyone here ever got a job through craigslist? Been looking but haven't actually applied. I just wanna know if its reliable? I'm looking for a clinic, ambulatory kind of job on a part-time/per diem basis and I see some on craigslist that interests me but I'm a little hesitant.
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  3. by   amylou85
    I did get a job off a craigslist. I am working as a Utilization Manager for a contractor at the Air Force Base. I have to admit, I was skeptical myself but everything panned out and it was legit.
  4. by   Matchildnurse
    I applied for a flu shot job on craigslist. All i can say is that it was legit and i got a paycheck. But that's just my experience.
  5. by   eatmysoxRN
    I also got a legit flu shot job from there. I'd be leary of any place requesting money for fees and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is
  6. by   estrellaCR
    You can always email them and ask for their direct email address (rather than the usual annonymous email address) just so you can be sure what company you are sending your information to. And as another poster said, if they ask you for $ to find you a job then that's shady as no employer will ask you for money in order to place you unless it of course for a background check or drug screen which is like $85 but sometimes the employers also covers this as part of the pre-orientation process.
  7. by   thekidisback
    Thanks for the replies guys! I applied to a few positions I found on craigslist. Mostly clinic jobs (which I want). How long usually did guys hear back from the employers?