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For those who have applied for the Fall 2007 semester - has anybody gotten a date for an interview yet? Thanks... Read More

  1. by   nurse2btracy
    To all those waiting to hear from Beth Israel: I wish everyone good luck since the admissions committee is meeting tomorrow June 11th.
  2. by   shmitty3
    Tracy, are you going to call over today to find out if you got in or not? Mrs. Stern told me on my interview to call back in two weeks and she will let me know if I made the cut or not.

    I dont know if she would have an answer today or I should wait till tomorrow.

    Did she indicate that you prob would get in during the interview? She said to me that she doesn't see why not but that it does go before a board.
  3. by   nurse2btracy
    Ms. Pass-Stern said I could call on June 12th to find out the results. At the interview she did not come right out and say I was in but with some of the things she was saying she made it seem like I would be attending in the Fall. But then she would go back and say about the admissions committee.

    I am not sure if I will be calling tomorrow. I am too nervous.
  4. by   shmitty3
    I have emailed if you want to email her opposed to call.

    I spoke with a student there when I was interviewing and she was like you are so in. You get an interview your in. I hope that is the case. I would much rather go to BI then NCC.
  5. by   Mannyj
    i heard the same thing from other students are there any students that had an interview and did not get in. Now i am nervous again
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  6. by   shmitty3
    I have faith in us all that we will get in
  7. by   shippoRN
    I think we all got in, they said an interview ment acceptance at the open house. Im scared and super excited all at the same time, but its one more day before we know. Hang in there everyone.
  8. by   shmitty3
    I emailed over to find out if I am in or out!!!

    I know a few of you have probably applied to PBSI and Nassau Community College. From your opinions, If you had to decide between these two schools, which school do you think you would pick?

    Good luck to everyone!!!
  9. by   shippoRN
    Well, both schools are great schools, Nassau was my Alma Matter, and I have nothing but great things too say about that school, BI is my only choice. However only you will know whats best for you, take all the important factors that you need for yourself too be sucessful in nursing school, meaning commuting time, if you need too work which school will work with a schedule, will you have time too study...those kind of questions and apply it too both institutions and maybe that can give you some direction on what school too pick.
    Good luck
  10. by   shmitty3
    I emailed over and I got in!!!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH
  11. by   Mannyj
    great glad to hear it
  12. by   nurse2btracy
    I got in as well!!!
  13. by   shmitty3