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Does anyone have any information on Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City ( the one downtown at 16th and First )? I'm a New Grad, I just passed NCLEX, and I've been offered a job there on a... Read More

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    Well, yes, you have a good point. Only trouble with bringing up ancient threads for new posts is, oftentimes the original poster is long gone. Like this one: she hasn't posted since October of 2001.

    Sometimes people post on very old threads without realizing the date; I've seen people debate issues that were made obsolete YEARS before!

    Time to move on <grin>
    If that's the case. that's unfortunate; I hope people will both receive and give tips/advice/info. here...perhaps the new grad can PM the op and see what's shaking...
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    In response to another post, Columbia does hire ADNs. I think NYU and Mt. Sanai are the only ones that dont.
    Actually NYU and Mt. Sinai does, but you have to have the experience.
  3. by   lilldebbi
    wondering if anyone knows anything about the beth isreal of 2006. i recently completed a travel position at roosevelt hospital and it was the worst experience of my life. 8-9 patients. nursing assistance cant even take blood pressures or accuchecks so in the morning thats what i am doing... along with giving meds and doing blood draws! they only have manual blood pressure cuffs at that! anyway way i am wondering if it is any easier at beth isreal because they have a travel position open. anyone know anything?