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I am considering working for them, since they take new grads. But I hear they require you to sign a long term contract, of a couple yrs. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing. I also would... Read More

  1. by   washcaps
    Thanks for this info, I'm applying to BSN programs for Fall 2011 and I'm really interested in VNSNY. What I think is cool is this program can count towards the HRSA nursing tuition remission program, which would be great to get since all these programs are crazy expensive!
  2. by   MsQueensRN
    Thanks washcaps I was unaware that they would qualify, which would really relieve a large headache that has been slowly building for me.
  3. by   orgo geek
    Quote from RNangels
    I was just hired into the BSN internship program at VNSNY and I absolutely love it; I wouldnt trade it for anything. As the previous post mentioned VNSNY trains you as a new grad before you are allowed to make patient visits on your own. They have many supportive systems in place for new grads and really hold your hand until you feel you are ready. Homecare isn't for everyone; you have to want to and love to manage patient cases on your own, visit patients in their home, manage pt care from beginning to end, and COORDINATE,COORDINATE, COORDINATE pts care with other disciplines within and outside of VNS. Just like anything you do in life there first has to be that strong desire. You have nurses who want a change and just go into homecare just to "try it out"; those are the ones who ususally dont last. So it depends what your looking for and your reasons your preference for one setting over another; I'm biase to home care and knew immediately, I would not prefer to ever work in a hospital setting.

    GOOD luck! Hope this helps
    i know its been quite some time siince you posted the above comment. i was just wondering if you still love vsny? ho w is it? wouls you still recommend it to a new grad? a previous poster stated that they make you sign a contract. is this true and can you tell me alittle about the contract. what is the actual length of the contract and wen does your contract time begin, at the beiginning or end of the 9 month internship? is there lots of paper work and do you find yourself bringing this paper work home at night to finish?
    thank you
  4. by   MsQueensRN
    They don't accept ASNs unless you have nursing experience.
  5. by   Nadz02RN
    They do accept ADNS I spoke to a recruiter who gave me that info.
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  6. by   Nadz02RN
    Hello shynurse, Can you tell me how long did it take to get a call back after you apply? I applied on September but have not received a call as yet. When I called they said that they are still reviewing resumes...Can u give me some suggestions? Should I be persistent?

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    When were you accepted?
  7. by   CompassionateOne
    Hi, I wanted to know if any of you still work with VNSNY and how is your experience working there?
  8. by   NYLady
    VNSNY is a wonderful company to work for and your manager is always just a phone call away to help you handle any unusual circumstances. The Internship program for new grads is new since I worked there but I would trust them completely.
  9. by   luminata32
    Hi! Thank you for the informative thread. I will be attending an open house for VNSNY and was wondering if anyone has been to one, what to expect and how to prepare. Nervous and do not know how to make myself stand out among every other candidate.
    Thank you to anyone that can help.
  10. by   maataus
    Please where and when is the open house? I would like to attend too. Thanks in advance
  11. by   Scrubthehub
    Can anyone share experiences regarding their satisfaction within the vsny org., what a day is like, the good/bad ?! Pleassse update this thread with some info!