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Hello everyone, I just got accepted to the LPN program at Rockland county BOCES, has anyone attended this program and what was it like? Thanks. Missi... Read More

  1. by   LPN825
    I like how they have an agreement with several colleges because I also heard that vocational credits usually do not transfer. So that's one thing not to worry about. Have you bought the books yet?, I have to figure out what i"m going to do as far as paying for all this stuff.
  2. by   missi30
    No, I have not bought any of the books. I am going to wait awhile. As far as paying, this has to come out of pocket and because I already have loans from undergrad I cannot, absolutely cannot take out anymore school loans.
  3. by   Futurelpgirl
    How was the program at Rockland County BOCES?