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New York NCLEX ATT 2020

by magochell magochell (New) New

Greeting! I'm a 3x repeat taker in another state. I would like to know if anyone is/has experienced my frustration and anxiety with New York process/ progress my application to recieving an ATT. I submitted my application on Feburary 12th along with the certificate of the 2 courses. My University confirmed they sent the required documents in February as well. With total consideration of the Pandemic affecting NY majorly these last 5 months. The state shutdown and implementing the "New Normal" working from home etc...

I have checked the website for updates monthly/weekly related to progress of processing apps. Initial message stated NY graduate apps would be processed first. There after all other applicants included International Universities. Currently on the April- June applicant's. I've submitted four emails for an update on my app...no reply. I'm unable access my application account. I graduated from Puerto Rico 2015 in an English cohort credited University.( Side thought! why is PR considered International? Many states requiring additional requirements?)

Can anyone share/advice their experience in receiving an ATT from NY this 2020. More specifically as a non NY graduates? The "clock is ticking" for this opportunity to test with the modifications. " I need/ want to be in this number "

Hi I am a non New York graduate and it took me exactly 6 weeks to get my ATT number from the day that I applied on NY gov site. If it has been longer than 6 weeks, try calling to find out the status of your application. Good luck!

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How long is it taking in WA state?  Just graduated yesterday!  Anxious to get scheduled.