New York to Drop Masks in Hospital Facilities


As of February 12th, the CDC no longer recommends universal masking in health facilities in New York. Individuals who have not received the Flu/COVID vaccine are still mandated to wear the mask but it is not mandated for other staff.

To me, this is like a sigh of relief and a glimmer of the beginning of hospitals going back to a time with more free choice. I believe that many will still wear masks because of comfort levels with it in, especially during Flu season. It feels good, however, that it will no longer be mandated or enforced in NY state. 

This is big news after everything we have been through the past three years. How do you all feel about this?

- Does it worry you that we will be more "At risk?"

- Does it make you happy because we have a choice now to wear a mask or not?


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Very rational decision to drop universal masking in NY. Surprising coming from there too. What's not surprising is the ideologic wooden logic of making people without the covid 'vaccine' continue to mask. Their version of the Scarlet Letter.

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I knew I heard this coming soon. I hope it passes in Massachusetts soon. I'm over it tbh. I know they helped for a time, but I think we're past that point now. Plus if we need to put them back on eventually that's okay.

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Confused but yet non flu vaccinated must wear a mask,so it follows the logic.We all want to be protected.

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I'm in Michigan and my facility still mandates masking in all patient care areas. I hope they drop the mandate soon, though! Frankly, both staff and patients are getting increasingly lax about wearing them, and I'm beyond ready to ditch the masks. I have no problems with requiring masks for people who are not fully vaccinated for flu or COVID, although I will say that I am fully vaccinated. .