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The first baby born locally was born at our sister hospital at 4:05am. Pretty late according to that past few years.

So, how did your area do?


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Wow. I have no idea.

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First in our area was at 13:06! But we're in a small town out in the boonies!

not sure about at my hospital, but I can't wait to ask when I go back to work friday night. I was looking over the paper telling the potential new parents what the community was giving them, and it sucked! THings like a 3 month subscription to the paper... :confused: and we aren't talking a great paper either! 10 bucks in gas, a pack of diapers.....maybe I am being too harsh, but to me it just sounds lame! .:rolleyes: What about the special things the community does elsewhere??? WHere my mom lives, they give each new baby on the 1st a car seat


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0001 at my hospital. Two others born at the same time in my state. So it was a three way tie.

Ours was born to a G11P9 methamphetemine user with all other children in CPS custody. They failed to mention that info on the news though.


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Can anyone say "tubal ligation?"


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We had one at 0004.

Have you noticed though (maybe it's just in my area), that they are ALWAYS rednecks? The couple on the news last night had no more than 10 teeth between them and made the absolute dumbest comment I have ever heard (something about, "well i knew she woulda been born last year or this year." Thank GOD I was off.....:D



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Originally posted by anitame

Can anyone say "tubal ligation?"

No, No! Not in our Catholic Hospital! :( GRRR...


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My baby was the first in our county!! And the best part was....get this...the family was a happily married couple that planned this baby...G2, now P2!! She was born at 0107. They got a big basket of stuff from the hospital and made the front page of the paper. Whoo Hoo!

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First baby at our hospital wasn't born until 01/02/03 at 0544. Very nice couple, unfortunately, was a emer cs for non reassuring fhr. But mom and baby are both healthy so that's all that really matters!


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Originally posted by emily_mom

Have you noticed though (maybe it's just in my area), that they are ALWAYS rednecks?

Bwaa haha haha! Yeah, it's usually someone less than desirable for a snippit on the morning news! :chuckle


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I think at our hospital it was around 0430.


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