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new question re: PVT

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Does anyone know if Pearson has a position on this trick? They have to know about it and I wonder why they haven't tried to "fix" it. Not that I would want them to!!!! I used it 5 min. after taking my test. I am still waiting for the ability to get my quick results for my post-offer appointment this afternoon. I took the test Monday and I still can't get my results.

Has anyone ever heard of someone getting the "good" pop-up and it being wrong?

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So far I've only read one post about a month ago, she got 75q but didn't get the good pop up but 2 days later she found out she pass. But im pretty sure you pass. :) (knock on woods)

you don't need to over think about it. Ofcourse pearson is aware of it. why would they fix it were in its not broken lol?

if test takers will be allowed to re-register again after they took the exam. Pearson vue will be doing refunds here and there. so they try to stop these by not letting those who PASSED to reregister again. that's why only those who FAILED can go to the CC page section.

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Specializes in orthopedic; Informatics, diabetes.

That makes sense. I never think about money LOL.

I am one of those weirdos who does overthink things in a random way. I was one of those kids that asked "Why?" all the time. Drove my nursing instructors NUTS (especially when they couldn't answer the question!). My oldest son is just like me. He knows more random, sometimes useless information. You know what they say about paybacks.....


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