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New Plan to get my degree


So I was worried about not getting into a BSN program and I have finally come to terms with it. I have decided to transfer to a community college after this fall semester. I will pursue getting my ADN or LPN license. I figured that it really isn't about the degree that one has but it is about helping people in need.

I'm only 19 about to be 20. I said to myself that if I really want BSN I will go back after getting my ADN or LPN. So with that being said what do you all think? Good or Bad?

Shooting for my ADN but I'll take anything!

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It's not a bad plan... but depending on your area, it might not be a great one. That being said, having a license is > not having a license...

As you progress through your schooling, I think you'll really begin to see if your plan is workable. Depending upon how mobile you care to be after you graduate, you should be able to find a job fairly quickly. Spend some time checking out the local hospitals and see if you can get on as a volunteer. Sometimes that results in having a better chance of getting a job. Same might be said for getting a job as a CNA (sometimes called PCT) in hospital.

Continue working on getting your prerequisites out of the way. That will/should line you up nicely for applying to any nursing program around. If you decide to pursue LVN/LPN instead of RN, that's good too... you can still find a path to RN that results in a degree, and from there you can pursue a BSN if you didn't get one as part of upgrading to RN.

Don't give up. You'll never even have a chance to realize your RN dream if you do.

The time you will spend on getting your adn is pretty much the same time it will take for you to get your bsn. I say go for your bsn, same time & more money.

You're young and childless and I assume husbandless, take advantage of that! Two year associate program plus roughly 15 months for RN to BSN. Very cheap. But you still need to factor in prereqs. Versus four year university BSN or an accelerated two year BSN program that is more expensive, but you could work off student loans easily within a year if your still at mom and dads and working overtime. I'd find an accelerated BSN program after finishing the prereqs at a community college. Good luck:)!

Yes I am all of those well not husbandless more like wifeless lol. I have completed most of the prerequisites to the both programs I just looking at which one I could get accepted into quicker.

I'm in a similar situation apply to both

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Good day, DonaldTyler:

You may want to check if your community college has dual enrollment options with colleges that can provide the BSN. That's what I've done, and they even handled the application fee and provided the initial set of transcripts for free. While I did have paperwork to fill out, it locked me in so that after I graduate my ADN program I'm then in their university to complete the BSN side of the fence.

Thank you.

I think it's a good plan!

Make sure you speak with your advisor so you can find out what pre-reqs/transfer credits you need for the BSN. I'm probably beating a dead horse bur he most economical route is an ADN at a community college. ADN is more competitive than LPN so if you are having problems getting into the ADN program, you can go the LPN route then you can bridge over to the ADN. I heard it's best to work as a LPN or ADN first to cut down the loans and you have experience under your belt for the BSN.

that is exactly what I decided to do....the BSN program I was going to apply to has a couple of "pre nursing" classes you have to complete so by the time I complete them and (assuming I get accepted right away to their program) it will take me the same amount of time to get my ADN and do the RN-BSN bridge....with any luck I will get accepted into my first choice ADN program for the spring.

My track is find the fastest and least expensive route to getting my BSN....this is it for me....I have kids and a husband and am looking to finish school ASAP.

I say don't settle for the ADN if you really want the BSN but if you need to a less traditional path to get there do so!

tesouthern i just want to get a degree and start working in the field as a nurse. I know it takes time I still can be a RN with a ADN, but I'm still trying for the BSN.

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You may want to consider changing your user name if that is your real name. Posting your real name is not a good idea.

I recently sent a email the director of nursing at the community college asking about the transfers credits and she said that only one of them didn't match up, which was a math course. But me transferring was already in my head before now and I had been looking at the requirements so i went ahead and enrolled for the math course that I needed.

Thank You, I though it was a good plan too. Like I said I'm shooting for the ADN, if I'm not able to get into the ADN I'll try LPN.