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NEW Pearson Vue Trick


OK still freaking out but maybe I found another way I logged in filled out everything and it sends me to the cc page i put in my debit card number prayed & hit submit. IT WOULDN'T LET ME PAY! Instead it gave me the original "good pop up" "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time." I hope it means its all good!!!!

Thank you tallgirl1 & Chrystal3014 you gave me new hope! :)

The new pop up comes up when you actually put your info into pay. During step two it doesn't let you pay and the pop up is on the top of the screen I took a screen cap of it but this site won't allow me to post it. Sorry. I hope that helps though.

Omg me too!!! It's scary thinking if you push summit and actual pay the 200 lol I feel a little better now THANK YOU!!!!

What did it say?! Gilbert?!? I'm so nervous about this new thing, I was getting the good sign yesterday.

The same as the "good pop up" input all my infor in and hit summit and it wouldn't let me pay I get my results in 1 hr! Fingers crossed I passed I am beyond stressed!!

Keep us updated Gilbert. I took test on fri and don't have quick results available in my state. good luck!!

The new trick works I passed!

Thank you for getting back! I have been stalking the website hoping to get some positive reviews.:)

Thanks for the update Gilbert and congrats :nurse: best wishes on your new journey.

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I took the NCLEX this morning and tried to go back and register. It took me to the payment screen where you enter all of your CC information, HOWEVER, after entering my info and clicking submit, I got the notification that states, "our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam". Virginia does not participate in the quick results, so this is my only way of getting any kind of indication as to whether I passed or not and hopefully its one that works. I will keep you posted.


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I took mine todat and did new trick and I got the good popup..I put my cc info and clicked submit and it didn't let me pay saying "our record indicate that..." ill keep posted when my real result comes out.

So you have to hit submit? It doesn't show up in step two?

So you have to submit at the very end?

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Yes, you have to hit submit in step three, and then it takes you back to step two and gives you the message.

I just risked it myself and it gave me the pop up! Just hope it's accurate!!!


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I passed! new pvt works..

Has anyone ever got their quick results before 48hrs.?? Im sooo scared to check tomorrow:nailbiting::nailbiting::nailbiting: