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New offer today-not sure what to do


I've been an RN for 3 years now. First 1.5 years was spent in the ER and the last 1.5 years has been in critical care at a different hospital. After spending a full year in critical care, I realized it just isn't the best match for me.

I get burned out a bit on having the same patients for 12 hours/day, 3-4 days straight. I get bored with the amount of downtime we have and the nights drag on for what seems forever sometimes. Additionally, the current situation I'm working in is one I cannot tolerate much longer as management is just ridiculous. It seems as though they actively encourage the day staff to really look for stuff to complain about to ultimately write us up over. After awhile, this really got to me and has caused me some serious anxiety issues the past 6 months. I am so over the idea that our managers prefer to deal in gossip than ultimately attempting to get staff to talk to one another. There are numerous instances that I could have chosen to complain, but I'm actually an adult and would rather sit down with that person myself and ask them about it rather than just try to get them in management's office first.

I received an offer today in another ER. The dollars and cents of it aren't as good, but my sanity at this point isn't without a price. I've applied for a transfer to our own ER, but haven't heard back on that just yet. I think other than anything short of getting a transfer at my current hosptial, I need to take the new job.

What would you do?

What does your day staff complain about?

You've already answered this question. Your sanity has no price.

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Do it.