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Is this a HIPPA violation? I have a cousin and I asked her if her sister had an STD because I heard that she did.. LOL I may be over reacting and no she isnt a patient of mine just someone in the family told me she had an STD and I slipped and sd something. Dumb I know but the BON is strict. :)


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That was suppose to be. :(

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No, it's not.


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No you are just nosy lol


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Hahahaha yes thats me :)

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Asking your cousin is not a HIPAA violation. If you went into the hospital, pulled the records, and then told everybody, that would be a HIPAA violation.

But you really ought to consider minding your own business and watching your tongue. Bad habits can have a way of wandering into your professional life and before you know it you are in the soup. :twocents:


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Thanks for the advice!! :)

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It is also good practice to never ask about someone else's illness and/or condition. It makes your reputation look less than honorable as a nurse, can lead to a relationship with your cousin that's a "I told you now you tell me" thing, and lets hope your cousin's sister never comes in contact with you as her nurse should she have a condition she needs to seek treatment for. Because when your cousin goes back to her sister and says "jlcain08 asked me if you had an STD" "how did she know" "I haven't the faintest idea, but she's a nurse so she knows these things...."

Gossiping is never a good thing. Gossiping about someone's medical condtions when you are a nurse--even worse.

I don't mean to sound harsh, but life lesson--don't go poking a bear.