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Hi, Im a newly hired Company Nurse in a Hotel. I will be handling 400 Staffs. No co-nurses and MD. I'd just want to check what are the Drugs I should keep on the Medicine Cabinet were I can prescribe without doctors order (OTC) - the safe drugs only, maybe for frist aide or for pain reliever.

I dont have idea as the Hotel is newly opened only and they do not have any information about the Clinic. I will be the one to provide Medical Equipment inside the Clinic. Still don't have idea which equipment i should buy. Please help me!! Need your urgent advise. THANK YOU


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Disclaimer: I am a pre-nursing student, not a nurse (yet) . The advice I am about to give is based off interactions with nurses.

Having allergy medicine and soda/juices (i.e. for diabetics) on hand can help. Check into having an AED (i.e. for heart attacks) and a non rebreather mask plus oxygen tank (i.e. for carbon monoxide poisoning, asthma attack, etc.).

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Wow, I would check with your nursing board and Federal, State, and Local laws on this one. Everything you "dispense" will be "from" you if there's not an order, and I'll be the first to tell you I Know Nothing About This, but it sends up red flags for your license.

Please understand that I am not being a "drag," It just sounds really risky, I know everything our Occupational Health Nurse gives is on a Physician Standing Order, or new MD/DO/NP/PA order. They no longer just give out OTC meds. This has a ton of legal implications, and like I said, I just have no idea.

The reason I posted is because I just want you to be aware of the possibility of laws forbidding a nurse to "dispense medications" without an order no matter what they are.

I wish you the best, and congrats on your new position!!!!:yeah:

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Unless you are an advanced practice nurse with prescriptive authority you cannot prescribe any medication, even OTC, without a physician or dentist order. Most clinics have a physician consultant on staff that signs off on standing orders and is available if need be for consultation/orders/medical advice. Since you refer to yourself as a "company nurse" I am guessing that you are not based in the US so you would need to refer to your regulatory authority or board of nursing equivalent. It sounds like you will have a dual role as an (occupational health) nurse for employees ("staffs" as you call them) and possibly for hotel guests.

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Very curious to know these organizations which conclude that a person with no experience in occupational health ... is the person to hire to initiate an occupational health service.

PS -- OP, you cannot as a registered nurse "prescribe" anything, to anyone.