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Dear looking for a change,

Consider your career goals. Before you start your Job Search, take some time to think about your long-term career goals. What kind of nursing role are you interested in pursuing? Are you looking to stay in the same specialty or explore new areas of nursing?

Answering these questions will help you narrow down your job search and identify the roles that are the best fit for you.

  • Explore different nursing specialties. If you're open to exploring new nursing specialties, consider researching different roles to see what interests you. Some specialties that may interest you could be labor and delivery, neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), or pediatrics. These roles could provide a new challenge and help you develop new skills.
  • Network. Reach out to other nurses in your area for their insights on different nursing roles and job opportunities. You can connect with nurses through professional organizations, online forums, or LinkedIn. Connect with your classmates to hear about their experiences.
  • Attend job fairs and conferences. Attending job fairs and meetings can be a great way to meet potential employers and learn about different nursing roles. You can also attend educational sessions to learn about new developments in nursing and healthcare.
  • Use online job boards. Many online job boards specialize in nursing roles, such as You can search for jobs by location, specialty, or experience level. You can also upload your resume and apply for jobs directly through the site.
  • Consider further education. If you want to advance your nursing career, consider pursuing further education. This could include a master's degree in nursing, certification in a specialty area, or continuing education courses to develop new skills.

Overall, many options are available for a new nurse looking for a job change.

By getting in touch with your career goals and interests, you can find a role that is a good fit for you and helps you continue to grow and develop as a nurse.

Since you only have nine months on the job, take your time. A good rule of thumb is to have one year of experience before applying for new jobs.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth


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Hey. Many hospitals have labor and delivery and then separate antepartum and postpartum units. Have you considered giving L&D a shot? I have been a labor and delivery nurse for 7 years and recently left to go back to grad school to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner in hopes to specialize in perinatal mental health. I loved labor and delivery, but I could never be a postpartum nurse. Postpartum nurses have very different roles and responsibilities than L&D nurses. We fly by the seat of our pants and postpartum is very by the book/ type A because they have to be in order to get *** done and get patients discharged safely. Maybe a change of speed will be eye opening?? Best of luck. You will figure it out. 

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 Post partum? Strange most units are combined maternal child units and you take care of both.Rethink your goals,income,and age.

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