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  1. Hi, My husband and I will be moving to Albuquerque in July of this year (2014). I have never been to this area before, and am wondering if anyone has insight on places to apply for jobs, pay scale for a BSN, what the area is like, good places to live and avoid and anything else that I might want to know before moving. I graduate with my BSN in June from California and will also need to obtain a New Mexico RN license. Does anyone know how long New Mexico tends to take when transferring a license to this state?
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  3. by   heron
    I haven't been a new grad for many years, but with a BSN, try Presbyterian Hospitals - by far the best facility in town. Keep UNM Hospital in mind, too. They're at the low end of the pay scale but they're union, have superb educational bennies and fantastic differentials. As the only hospital in the city taking indigents, you'll see everything under the sun. Avoid Loveless like the plague.
  4. by   JBudd
    residential, avoid the south valley, according to my daughter
  5. by   Scarlettz
    I don't really know too much about the ABQ area. But, my New Mexico license arrived pretty fast. 2 to 3 weeks.
  6. by   heron
    Quote from JBudd
    residential, avoid the south valley, according to my daughter
    South Valley is affordable and has some beautiful neighborhoods but is overwhelmingly Spanish - many of the families have been in NM since before it was part of the US. They couldn't be less interested in assimilating, so if you happen to be anglo, you need the skill to get along as a minority.

    Northeast is more mixed, dominated by Anglo culture but since the gentrification of downtown, it has become more active gang and meth territory. Still, some real good neighborhoods up there.

    Northeast and Southeast Heights are pricey and anglo-dominated. Gang stuff is spreading into the Northeast Heights.

    North Valley is very upscale, beautiful and Anglo.

    Westside and Rio Rancho are newer areas - mixed culturally and economically.

    Downtown prices are rising, neighborhoods are mixed and there are a ton of bars. Crime rate is way down since the make-over of the late 90s/early 2000s.

    Nob Hill and the University area are "cool" areas - dominated by students and prices are getting up there, but really the only place in town I'd consider living if I couldn't live downtown.
  7. by   Avill
    Curious on why one should avoid loveless? I'm going to relocate to Roswell next year after grad I know there are two major hospitals in the are - one of the Loveless, so the info would be good.

    Also, anyone know what a new grad from CA should do if relocating to NM after as far as the NCLEX goes? Not sure if I should take it in NM. I have a year to go but just wondering if any on you know.

  8. by   heron
    Lovelace is a formerly locally owned system that was bought out first by Cigna then by Ardent (founded by an HCA alum after their big Medicare fraud scandal). I worked for them for four years in ABQ. Their first move after buying the system was to hand every LPN working inpatient a pink slip and escort them from the building. Staffing was atrocious, personnel policies downright feudal and quality of care flat out dangerous. Their local rep was so bad that one of their facilities was staffed with over 80% travelers. Management were rank amateurs. The usual pattern for this company is to buy a system, wring it out for as much profit as possible, then sell the leftovers. When they tried that here, the system was trashed so badly they couldn't find a buyer. After that, things improved some - and starting pay is pretty high - but I still don't trust that it will continue any longer than they have to. Proceed at your own risk. PM for more details if you wish.
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